Personality Edit

Calm, sweet, she speaks with her music often. She usually has a soft smile to her face, despite what had happened to her. She has a bad temper when it comes to those she cares for, righteously defending them and providing support when she can. As for her skill, she is a calm competitive person, ensuring her skill is top-notch. She is also very harsh on herself, studying and practicing for as much perfection as well. Her emotions can get out of hand in battle and is often felt within her musical magic.

Bio Edit

Victoria had a quiet childhood, growing in a rather musical community. She was in a happy family, playing all sorts of instruments while she focused on the Violin. As it was her favorite instrument of all, she grew rather skilled quickly at the stringed instrument. However, a robbery occurred that caused the house to burn down, a bandit mage guild that used their magic to kill and rob people of their items. She returned to the house burned down, overcome by anger and sought out the guild that had done her home so wrong. In time, she studied magic of her own volition, knowing she could not defeat these mage bandits with music alone. She needed to defeat them with magic embed with her skill as a musician, thus becoming a violinist bard. Despite her skills being primarily built with buff-types, she also has a few offensive spells in order to defend herself.

Abilities Edit

Suffer's Lullaby - A Somber melody is played upon the instrument, rather dark and mysterious tone that usually lulls enemies to slumber. Sometimes, may put allies to sleep as well if not properly controlled.

Note Blast - When magic is compacted into a single note, it literally forms a note that pops out from the sound and floats towards it's intended target, exploding on touch like a minor bomb.

High-note Attack - High-strung melody, giving a sense of charge. A strength buffer for allies of intention, temporarily boosts strength of listeners.

High-note Defense - A defensive-tactic type of melody, a sense of shielding given. A defense buffer, like a musical shield that allows the listeners to take more hits temporarily.

Tools & Equipment Edit

As a bard mage, she carries only a violin in it's case, and a hidden dagger strapped to her thigh.

Other Edit