Vic has a dark and also a bit happy personality. He rarely smiles or speaks in conversations. 


Victene Proulx once had a Brother and two sisters. Their parents died in the midst of a battle between Dark mages. After the death of their parents, the 4 children were walking aimlessly through a nearby forest, where they met a peaceful family that took them in. The kids were happy for a while, but alas it was never meant to be. After spending a week at their new home, it was soon attacked by the another group of Dark mages that killed not only the peaceful family but also Victene's Siblings. Ever since he has not trusted a single mage.


Sharpshooter : Gives Victene a 100% chance of hitting his target, 10 seconds, Range, Leaves the user wide open for attacks.

Twin Demons : Victene fires his colts (Pointing towards the sky) and a barrage of the same bullets hit the designated area, 2 seconds, 2 meter radius, Ranged, Colts are disabled for 5 seconds.

Hercules : Daggers appear and strike down any nearby foes, .5 seconds, 10 inches, Melee, damages target.

Brisignr : An incendiary round is fired from Victene's 50. Cal, 12 seconds, 4 meter radius, Ranged, 

        burns any targets within the blast radius.

Sudoku : Victene risk all his defense for one powerful attack, 20 seconds, No Area of Effect, Ranged.


50. Cal Barrett

Dual Colts

5 Daggers