Valerius Largo is a Rune Mage and personal assistant to Kaneda.


Largo's is an incredibly volatile mind--he lost much of his family in the massacre following the Third Master's ascension, which occurred when he was out on a job; this led to an extreme sense of guilt, which can manifest as pure rage when his Guild--which he thinks of as the closest thing he has to family anymore--is threatened or put in danger.

Once a very verbal and friendly man, Valerius became very cold and distant following the massacre, speaking only when necessary.

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Valerius is a second-generation Demon Howl wizard, following his father when he was 15. Starting out, he was unsure, lacking confidence in his power--this changed a year after his joining, during a job in Ringvale Hollow concerning a wraith.

Going forward, Valerius became incredibly driven, taking as many jobs as he could, rarely returning to the guild. On those occasions he did, though, his presence was known--everyone knew him, everyone loved him.

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Enhance Abilities: Valerius is at the peak physical and mental condition of his species in that verse can achieve without any supernatural methods and remain that way with little or no maintaining. This entails that he is faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to fellow members of his guild without being obviously supernatural.

Rune Magic: Rune Magic, in a sense, is similar to Solid Script in that it allows for a plethora of effects through the illustration of a variety of symbols into the air through a medium or one's own magical power. However, unlike Solid Script, Rune Magic is rather antiquated in that it holds specific spells for specific purposes. It is defined into hundreds of subcategories, ancient runes, modern runes and the like. Some allow for elemental conjuration, others allow for miscellaneous effects such as teleportation. They appear to be difficult to learn, but can also function as a form of seal if used correctly.




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