Oliver Oxford, a criminal? The kingdom of Asnar seems to think so! He is being taken away to Asnar to face trial and execution under the eye of both royal families of the country.

Description Edit

Save Oliver without ruining a country in the process!

Summary Edit

-Oliver is taken away to Asnar

-Demon Howl can contact other guilds for help

-The team will set out for Asnar

-In Asnar it is up to them how to go about it, direct attacks right away are unadvised.

-In Asnar, learn a bit about Oliver's family maybe.

-Stop the execution (try to not kill npcs? to avoid political fallout)

-Take Oliver back home

-Find out about Oliver's actual past

Participants Edit

Nephertiti Al-miraj

Amoon Al-miraj

Horuth Al-miraj

Ignatius Invictus

Titus Invictus

Alexis Invictus

Numerous army members of the Asnar kingdoms

Several mage guilds

RPC participants: Sign up here by editing and adding your name or having someone add your name for you

Rezz Kain

Oliver Oxford

Sophia Corvosa

Kaiza Freyer