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The Spirit Keys of the Demon Howl universe have 4 tiers: the Planets, their minor moons and bodies, the Zodiac and the minor constellations.

The Planets Edit

Eleven keys that are used to summon eleven planetary spirits. Each key is made of Palladium and topped with a stone within can be seen the symbol of the planet that is being summoned. The summoner of a planatary celestial spirit must be strong of will, heart, and magical ability elsewise they will be unable to hold the spirit that they summon which can end in death for the wizard and all of those present or nearby.

Key Name Description
Sol This planetary key is the bringer of 'Light' and as such when he is called the sun itself dims. His abilities include fire and light based abilities and he often sets the ground ablaze where he walks. He is depicted as a tall man with hair so bright it glows with a 'halo' like effect around it, even his skin seems to glow a golden color, he has red eyes and wears priest like robes. He seems to be a slightly more friendly planetary being as he is not technically a 'planet' but the bringer of light and warmth thus he is one of the few planetary spirits who is least likely to go o a killing rampage although he may accidentally kill someone if he doesn't remember to control the heat and flame of his body, he is known as 'the bringer of healing warmth'. As a planetary spirit he holds sway over the zodiac constilation spirit Leo although the two seem to be on mostly friendly terms. His key holds a Ruby and has a blazing sun symbol engraved inside the stone, this same symbol covers the left side of his chest. His weapon of choice is a staff.
Luna This planetary key is bringer of 'Darkness' or Night, she is the twin sister of Sol and is the coolness to his heat, when summoned the moon will fade or even disappear. Her abilities are cold and darkness based to contrast her brothers heat and light, wher her brothers footsteps tend to scorch the ground hers tend to leave frost and ice. While her brother is warm and friendly Luna seems to be cold and distant for the most part, she is harder to control than her brother as she is strong willed and doesn't like to take orders in the least. She is more likely to go on a rampage than her brother yet still less likely than other planetary spirts as she would consider doing such as 'a waste of my(her) time' but seems to take orders from women easier then from men, she is kown as the 'bringer of the purest light'. Luna is depicted as a smaller built female with floor length silver hair that seems to have a soft glow to it, her skin is moon pale, her eyes are a pale lilac, and she often wears what looks to be a black and silver gown(more one color than than the other depending of the phase of the moon when she is called). As a planetary spirit she holds sway over the zodiac constilation spirit Cancer, they seem to be on fairly good terms meaning that they prefer to ignore each other for the most part. Her key holds a Moonstone with a crecent moon engraved within, this symol appears upon her right shoulder blade. Her weapon of choice is a bow.
Mercury This planetary key is bringer of 'Speed', he incorporates speed and flight magic. He is one of the youngest of the planetary spirits and is said to be the most immature often playing pranks as well as having bad habits and manners. He mostly refuses to listen to his callers unless they have a will stronger than his own and has often been described as the 'creator of headaches' as dealing with the battle to make him do as requested leaves the summoner with quite a headache that lasts for days. While he is hard to control should he break free of his summoners will he is most likely to cause devastation to the effect of property damage rather than killing as he would find it great fun to see how much damage he could do. To the other planetary spirits he is known as the 'Herald' which is another name for messenger and can instantly send information to any person or being upon request no matter how great the distance or even if they are in another dimension. Mercury is depicted as a young boy of preteen years with sandy blond hair, green eyes wearing; loose fitting pants that die just below his knees, a vest like shirt, and sandals with little wings upon the heel portion of the shoe. Although young and immature he seems to hold sway over two zodiac spirits, Gemini and Virgo, Gemini seems to get along with him best as they pull pranks together where as Virgo finds him annoying and he finds her weird. His key holds an emerald with the symbol for Mercury engraved within, this symbol appears between his shoulder blades. His weapon of choice seems to be a sling from which anything thrown seems to explode upon impact.(a length of leather which is used to twirl then throw weights or stones).
Venus This planetary key is bringer of 'Tue Sight', she incorporates sight and illusionary magic. As an more self suffiecient spirit she tends to find the antics of most of the other celestial sprits borish. She seems to have an aloof or snooty attitude from those she finds 'ugly' and tends to faw over anything she finds 'beautiful'. Her will is strong and if she considers her summoner 'ugly' she is very difficult to control unless the summoner has a strong will and a pure heart, while unwilling to soil herself with the blood and gore of murder she will cause chaos wherever she goes by breaking minds with her illusionary magic leaving behind villages of damaged people who can no longer function properly. To other planatery spirits she is known as 'True Beauty' as her main ability is to read the entirety of a person, thus her idea of 'ugly' and 'beautiful' often confuse some as she sees the entire person not just the outside and often names physically attactive people as 'hidious' due to what she sees as their internal worth. She is depicted as a mature curvatious woman with curling golden blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and often wearing expensive clothing. As a planatery spirit she holds sway over Taurus and Libra, which she doesn't seem happy with at all as she finds Taurus to be a 'letcher' and she's weary of Libra who could make her weigh more with her abilities just to piss her off. Her key holds a diamond with the symbol for Venus engraved within, this symbol appears on her right breast. Her weapon of choice seems to be a whip.
Gaia The planetary key of "Terra", she wields plant and earth bound magics. Her personality seems to be the least extreme of all of the planetary spirits, she seems to be loving and giving for the most part, yet should her earth be harmed in any way she tends to flip personalities complete and become quite vicious and vengeful. Her summoner must be the purest of heart or they cannon control her and once she breaks free her wrath is to reclaim the earth for nature allowing plants an the earth to swallow up any being she considers 'unnatural'(humans). While giving the propper request must be asked and the propper price paid to her(usually in the form of a food offering). Known to other planetary spirts as 'Earth Mother' she is wife to Caelus to whom she seems to be quite angry at threatening him with dismemberment should he set foot on her earth. She takes form of a beautiful woman with golden skin, long curling eath toned hair and forest green eyes, she wears a flowing robe like gown of earth tones and flowers tied througout her hair. She seems to have sway over all of the celestial sprits mainly through her kindness and wisdom and they often visit her for advice, she seems particularly fond of Virgo even though she seems a bit sad with the holes that get placed within her earth even though she says they are not harmful and are easy to repair. Her key is adorned with a opal with the symbol for earth enscribed within, the same symbol can be found upon her forehead. She appears prefer a staff as her weapon of choice although she rarely uses it.
Mars This planetary key is bringer of 'War', he incorporates weapon and battle magic. He is brash and hot headed often starting fights for no reason other than the love of spilling blood, he is an older spirit and thus tends to look down on those he considers younger than he. He has no use for anyone who cannot fight or is unwilling to kill thus he is extremely hard to control, the summoner must have an unbreakable will and a lot of magical power, he could care less if the summoner has a true heart as long as he gets to do someone damage. To other planetary spirits he is known as the 'Bringer of War' due to his love of battle and bloodshed. He is depicted as a large muscular man with short cropped black hair and many scars on is dark skin, he wears black armor and his eyes are often described as 'cold black pits'. As a planetary spirit he has sway over Aries which he can't seem to stand as she is the complete opposite of himself thus he tends to bully her if she is around. His key holds a bloodstone within the symbol for Mars is engraved, this same symbol decorates his right bicep. His weapon of choice is a spear and shield.
Jupiter This planetary key is bringer of 'Storms', he incorporates storm and energy magic. He seems to be the most calm yet also has a volaltile temper that changes quickly like weather does. While he is not as blood thirsty as Mars he does like to wage war, yet he considers himself more a lover than a fighter and tends to take interest more in pretty women rather than doing his job. He is the leader of the planetary spirits, one must be of exceptional will, heart, and magical ability to control him as if you are not you are considered useless and a waste of space by him. He has very little use for any human and doesn't seem to care if they live or die so one must be exceptionally careful when giving him commands else he'll just take the order as is and not care who gets caught in the cross fire. He is more likely to take commands from no one really as he is a 'king' of spirits he believes that other males are beneath him and that women are there for his entertainment To other planetary spirits he is known as 'Ruler of All' due to his status as the ruler of the planetary spirits. He is depicted as a rather handsome mature musuclar man with long black hair, goatee, and jade colored eyes, he wears fine armor of silver and gold. As a planetary spirits he has sway over Sagittarius, he finds him rather annoying and thus ignores him for the most part. His key is adorned with a topaz gemstone with the symbol for Jupiter engraved within the same symbol rests on the right side of his neck. His weapon of choice is a sword in the shape of a lightning bolt.
Saturn This planetary key is bringer of 'Time', she uses time and plant magic. She seems to be a rather odd spirit as she can be either female or male dependig on her summoner and freely switches back and forth within the spirit world. Her personality seems to swing from one extreme to another often making other think her mad. Her summoner must be extremely strong of will because to control time it must be so if not she will reap havock and tuurn into Chaos itself. To other planetary spirits she is known as 'The Harvester' and is one of the oldest of the planetary spirits the only older being Uranus. Her favorite appearence seems to be that of a ten year old girl with short black hair, gray eyes, wearing a black sundress with a cape and hood. As a planetary spirit she holds sway over Capricorn whom she finds interesting as long as he's not reading his poetry out loud, if he does so she's been known to throw things at him(such as a boulder once). Her key is adorned with a garnet within which is engraved the symbol for Saturn, the same symbol rests upon the center of her collar bone. Her weapon of choice is a glaive (something similar to a scythe only smaller).
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Uranus The planetary key of "The Sky" and thus holds dominion over anything within it or of it. He was once leader of the planetary spirits until he was defeated by Chronus who was then defeated by Jupiter leaving Jupiter now the ruler of them all. He tends to come off as gruff and unfeeling with little use for anyone or anything treating his summoners as vermin. Uranus is husband to Gaia and seems to be on rather bad terms with her currently as she keeps threatening to dismember him should he step foot upon her 'earth' and thus he is always seen floating above the earth and will promptly leave if he is about to touch it during battle. His summoner must be strong of will and extremely strong of magical power else he will not listen and once loosed will kill with no remorse leaving destruction in his path, he is one of the more violent of the planetary spirits and has been known to actually eat humans. Known as 'Heaven Father' to other planetary spirits he takes the form of a middle aged man with graying brown hair tied back in a ponytail, a beard and is missing one of his brown eyes which is covered by an eyepatch, he also wears nothing but dove gray suits. As a planetary spirit he holds say over Aquarius and hates her as much as she hates him, the two go out of their way to avoid each other. His key is adorned with an amethyst within which is engraved the symbol for Uranus, this symbol is also found on his left palm. As far as anyone can tell he has no preferred weapon.
Neptune The planetary key of "The Sea" he wields water and creation magic(being that he can use any type of make magic). His personality is fluid yet he seems to be rather arrogant of his appearance and wisdom and gets quite angry when he is proven wrong. His summoner must be strong of magical power and firm in will as water does not bend easily to demand. Should his summoner fail in controlling him he seems to take great delight in causing floods and drowning anyone or anything that he is able to. Known to other planetary spirits as 'The Water' he is depicted as a man in his late teens with a simmers build, long black hair left free and sea blue eyes, he often wears loose fitting surfer type outfits. As a planetary spirit he hold sway over Pisces and the two tends to not get along very well for long periods of time yet they can seem to tolerate each other. His key is adorned with a sapphire within which is inscribed the symbol for Neptune which is also found upon his right side. His preferred weapon is a trident.
Pluto The planetary key of 'Underworld', he wields death and underworld like powers. His personality seems to be rather dark yet not cruel or even particularly violent as one would think yet he has his own idea of justice and lives by only it. His summoner must be strong of will, heart, and magical power to control him for if he is lost control of he will bring death to all things in a magical blast that would destroy the entire planet. Because of this he is the most dangerous of the planetary spirits he tends to stay off to himself, at one point he was used to create dark magic, death magic, a curse to which causes those effected with it to kill without control of the ability to do so. Known to other planetary spirits as 'The Underworld' he takes the form of a somber tall man with long flowing black hair, red eyes, and is often seen wearing biker type apparel. As a planetary spirit he holds sway over Scorpio yet Scorpio seems to be the only spirit brave enough to visit and check upon him regularly and thus they seem to be on fairly friendly terms. His key was taken and sealed by the other ten planetary spirits after the use of it to create death magic to which he made no protest as he felt he had sullied his duty as the spirit of the underworld, as far as it is known his key is adorned with an onyx gem within which is inscribed the symbol for Pluto which is also found upon his left hip bone. His preferred weapon is a scythe.

Minor Planetary Keys Edit

There are an unknown number of minor planetary keys, all of which are made of a platinum, each also has a gemstone in the center of the key with a small depiction of what/who is being summoned. Much like the Major keys, the mage summoning the Minor spirits of the Planetary set must be strong of will and strong of magical ability, otherwise the spirit is unlikely to do as requested, although these spirits are less likely to go on a killing rampage out of anger of being summoned to the human dimension.

Name Description

The Zodiac Edit

Key Name Description
Leo key
Aquarius Key
Cancer Key
Taurus Key
Virgo Key
Aries Key
Gemini Key
Scorpio Key
Capricorn Key
Libra key
Pisces key
Sagittarius Key

Minor Constellations Edit