A Solaris Merchant ship has been stranded on the coral reef off the coast of Isvan, and has been transported to Metarch. While enroute for Metarch a strange gang in black latex suits attempted to steal the magic equipment on board, but failed due to the detachment of the rear car. The Merchant believes that the gang will return in order to procure the shipment. The Solaris Merchant is wanting at least three members of the Guild to participate.

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The Objectives of this Solaris Wine Run is to bring the magic equipment to the Merchant's HQ at the Solaris Port without any of the items being stolen or lost along the way.

If the Lost Gang is encountered during the escort and delivery job, the Guild is told to remove them forcibly from the area, or completely eliminate them.

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The Lost Gang, which is a small group of four individuals who have strange sense of villainy; even believe they are the true sense of evil. Their plan is to procure the items from the shipment and sell them to get money for themselves. However, they are seemingly clumsy and easily distracted.

The Solaris Merchant will be accompanying the guild members all the way to the Solaris Port where his shop is set up. The merchant is a young twenty year old female with blond hair and blue eyes.