Personality: Edit

Shes shy at first, but once you get to know her shes kind of crazy. she's just a sad girl and shes very quiet, sneaky, and fast.

Bio: Edit

Raised in the wilderness she was always infatuated with magic, her mother was a house wife, her father a powerful shadow make wizard... she trained with him constantly always trying to better herself. One day a giant demon came to attack her house, her and her father fought as hard as they could until... his father was crushed... devastated.. she was willing to do ANYTHING to kill this monster and protect her mother, she used all of her power and still failed, the monster knocked her aside and destroyed everything. When she awoke from this slumber everything around her was dead... black.. the ashed of her home lie before her very eyes. she began her journey into the world seeking something to call her family.

Ability 1: Edit

Shadow make, shadow fist. The shadow underneath her stretches out and becomes giant fist that can reach up to 4 meters.

ability 2: Edit

shadow step, cloaks the target in shadows teleporting her to the target location

ability 3: Edit

shadow make, wings of darkness creates wings that allow her to fly and also create shadowy bats all around her to prevent anyone from getting close.

ability 4: Edit

wave of darkness, sends forth a riptide of darkness that pulls the enemy back and forth drowning them in there own shadow.

ability 5: Edit

shadow wall, creates a shield of shadows at the target location.

Tools and equipment: Edit

Goggles to keep the sun out of her eyes.

Kodoma spirit, just a companion with weak healing powers for scrapes and cuts.

her boots prevent slipping and help her to be more stealthy.

Rp maybe
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