Vital Statistics
Magic Classification Caster
Magic Type Cosmos Magic
Age 28
Guild Name Star Child; Demon Howl (former)
Guild Mark location Center Chest (concealed)
Team Name Moonlit Sky, Shadow Brigade (disbanded;former)
Guild Rank Guildmaster; SS Class
Screen Name {{{SN Unknown}}}

Lys is the first Guildmaster of the Star Child Wizard Guild, as well as a current member of the Magic Council.

Personality Edit

Lys is incredibly strong, but rarely dependable. For all his achievements, he is a drunk; his only downfall on a mission is a warm tavern with good beer and cheap food, which often leads to problems from food poisoning. However, when he is sober, he is incredibly intimidating, and has been known to make even the strongest of wizards quake in fear at full power and temper.

Bio Edit

Little is known of Lys's past prior to his joining Demon Howl--he joined as a young man, and never spoke of what had happened before.

He quickly proved his power, ascending quickly from E to A Class, eventually obtaining S Class after two runs at the trial. Shortly after, the Master retired, eventually leading to Lys leaving Demon Howl to form Star Child, receiving his SS Class certification for its noted achievements.

Abilities Edit

Starshine Edit

An illusion attack, in which Lys summons a bright, blinding light (does not cause physical damage aside from intended effect) that impairs the vision of anyone in view; Lys's glasses help to protect him from this effect.

Meteor Fall Edit

An area of effect attack, in which Lys conjures projectiles that fall with high frequency over a 50-foot range. These projectiles are solid, and can be blocked by shields.

Comet Strike Edit

A close-range attack in which Lys's body is shrouded in light, boosting his physical attack power and speed for a limited time.

Planetary Alignment Edit

A ranged attack that requires a setup: First, Lys must land 8 close range strikes in a vertical line; these strikes create marks that appear on the victim's skin. These marks act as "homing targets" for the second step. This allows Lys to shoot 8 targeted energy bursts, starting out nonlethal but getting more damaging as it goes on. These attacks continue until the target surrenders or dies; no one has survived past the fourth blast.

Starry Night Festival Edit

Extreme Area of Effect attack that first requires Starshine and Meteor Fall to be successfully cast in quick succession. Starry Night has an area of 150 feet and converts much of Lys's immense magic power to Star Lacrima that explode on a 10-second timer. The explosion is an incredibly damaging burst of pure magic power, which slowly funnels back to Lys over an extended time.