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Dark Apostle (Scythe)

Abilities: Edit

Death Gods Bellow- Edit

This attack allows her to release giant blast of black energy with a intensely dark magenta tint. The blast comes out like a cone and can reach a maximum length of 70ft and a diameter of 20ft.

Death breaker- Edit

This ability is what makes her such a tank. This magic power enables her to charge at an incredible force of power and speed. This allows her scythe to shatter through nearly every shield and cut in half entire horizons with in seconds. She can also do this at sudden moments allowing her to catch the enemy by surprise and bursting out her scythe towards them.

Rebirth- Edit

This attack allows her to take an INSANE amount of damage to her body before shutting down. This means that she can have her limbs sliced off and she will still fight at extreme speeds and witht he same power as before. When activated, her current wounds will begin to glow black and heals faster than normal, and a sudden burst of energy is then visable around her body for about 3 seconds before fading, showing that she has activated Rebirth mode.

Pillar of darkness- Edit

When her scythe is released from her hands and into the hands of another or just simply away from her body, this attack will activate creating a large pillar of black energy with a radius of 20 ft around the scythe. This pillar will burn and electrocute those with in radius if they cannot handle it and can activate more than once. It can aso be activated even when it has not slipped out of her hands, thus creating another attack.

Weapons/Tools: Edit