Vital Statistics
Magic Classification Caster Magic
Magic Type 64 Palm Magic

White Eye Magic Clone Magic

Age 15
Guild Name N/a
Guild Mark location N/a
Team Name Team Phoenix
Guild Rank D rank
Screen Name {{{SN Unknown}}}
Lukas Black is a young mage of Team Phoenix and sometimes goes by the name Stardust. Abandoned by his parents as a very young child for currently unknown reasons, Lukas attempted to follow them, travelling around the world for a good couple of years, becoming surprisingly tough and innovative during this time period.

Personality: Edit

One of the most notable traits that Lucas has is his love of reading, books, and manga, and he is often found in part of the guild hall, his nose stuck in one of these, ignoring the world around him. It can take some effort to pull him away from a tome, and he'll often get sucked right back in a few minutes after you manage to separate him from it.

However, Lucas still has a fun side, and can just as often be found partying and having fun with his mates, and he has a great love of food (though he cannot eat more than a normal person's share, unlike most shonen heroes). He also has a bit of a short fuse, and sadly, takes a bit of time to calm down. He can also hold petty grudges for a surprisingly long time (unless the person whom he is holding the grudge against does something that makes him forget about it), and he can also be a bit selfish and bratty when he wants too. On the whole though, he tries to act friendly and amiable as often as he can.

While not exactly a pervert, Lucas won't necessarily say no to doing some peeking, though he often attempts to keep his composure, or sometimes denies any such offers on pure chivalry, often attempting to convince others (and himself) that he is a 'gentleman', and he'll get into petty squabbles with those who deny it or insist that he isn't. Additionally, Lucas has a 'Stoic Mode' that he enters when the people around him are perving at something and he wishes to keep up appearances. This usually leads to him having a very bad poker face and fidgeting slightly.

Like most members Lucas has a strong feeling of brotherhood with the other members of his team, and will go to any length to protect or help them, even if it means his own death or punishment. He is also an extremely loyal friend, but it takes a bit for him to consider someone one, though he'll still remain friendly and cordial.

Lucas has also slight commitment issues, usually either not commingling his full attention to a task, or trying to have a "back door", in case something goes wrong. However, there are a few instances where this does not apply, most notably when it comes to his friends and mates, who he refuses to compromise on.

Lucas also has an incredible will to live, driven by his desire to eventually meet the man who saved his life again, and he mentally refuses to die until that day.