Kabuto Takuza is a God Slayer created through genetic experimentation. He is currently unaffiliated with any Guild, following his departure from Harpy Wing.

Personality Edit

Kabuto comes off to some as harsh--that may be because he doesn't like them much. To those he tolerates, he is friendly, if guarded. Because of this, not much is really known about him.

Bio Edit

Kabuto was created as a genetic experiment--other than that, nothing has been recorded about his past.

Abilities Edit

Inferno God's Chariot Edit

A defensive ability used to blind enemies to make for an easier fight. Kabuto glows with an ethereal light, disabling any surveillance measures as well as severely impairing the eyesight of anyone nearby.

Inferno God's Rage Edit

An offensive ability similar to an automatic weapon. Kabuto shoots several fireballs from his hands in rapid succession to burn his target.

Hellfire Bomb Edit

An offensive ability often used as a finisher for weaker enemies. Kabuto creates a fiery "bubble" around those fighting; with enough control to bend the bubble around his allies, it gradually constricts, growing smaller and burning the targets until it compresses into a small fiery ball, at which point all in its 10-meter range have 30 seconds to move or suffer extreme explosive damage.

Inferno God's Warhammer Edit

A fist attack that encases Kabuto's arms in solid, hammer-shaped sheets of fire.

Inferno God Secret Art: Hell Cannon Edit

Much like the standard breath attack, Kabuto spits a jet black fireball hot enough to burn the air around it and create a carbon shell as fragile as an egg, which spits the target out of its center like a cannonball, reaching distances as great as 50 miles.

Tools and Equipment Edit

Katana Edit

A rather generic-looking blade.

Traveler's Pack Edit

A knapsack containing food rations and medical supplies, as well as other traveling necessities.

Refillable Lighter Edit

Kabuto's convenient energy source.

Other Edit

The only personal detail Kabuto has ever revealed is his love for all things mango.