Isvan is a country at the northern point on the continent of Ilara.

Capitol Edit

Isvan's capitol city is Metarch, home to roughly 2 million people. Metarch is a heavy tourist town, with such features as the Demon Howl Guild Compound, where the Starry Night Tournament is held, as well as Lumas Temple, an interfaith meeting point for all of Ilara.

Points of Interest Edit

The country of Isvan has many points of interest, both man-made and natural.

Demon Howl Guild Compound Edit

The Demon Howl Guild Compound is the heart of Metarch, sitting atop Argent Plateau. A journey of a thousand stone steps, journeying to the compound is not for the weak. There is, however, a road carved into the back of the plateau, mainly used by visitors. The plateau itself is studded with metal spikes, allowing for a quick way for the Guildmaster to travel between the compound and the town.

The compound consists of the guild hall itself, an arena, guest quarters, a taven, member barracks, special S Class housing and Demon Howl's Guild Shop, a stop for many mages en route to jobs. The Guildmaster's residence sits on a pond, beside the S Class housing area.

The tavern (shown right, on the left side of the arena) is the gathering place for many visiting the guild, as well as several of its members. The Guild's job board is situated by the bar, to facilitate them being taken and completed. There are also rooms rented by the night on the upper levels, these are mostly used by tourists and those not privileged to use the guest quarters, meant for visiting Guildmasters and high-ranking mages. The tavern is managed by Demon Howl's Avalon D'Fae, an S Class mage.

The Guild Hall is a large castle-like building situated at the rear of the compound, and houses the guild's medical facility as well as other services. The Guildmaster's office is on the second floor. As Demon Howl's current Guildmaster also serves as Chairman of the Magic Council, a number of Rune Knights can be seen guarding the area on the second floor where her office is.

Lumas Temple Edit

Constructed in X671, the Lumas Temple is situated in downtown Metarch. The temple is used chiefly as a religious meeting place, though many historical events have occurred here; Lumas Temple was at one point a meeting place for those involved in the Revolution of X891, as well as housing several others over the many years it's stood.

Great Library of Isvan Edit

It isn't known when the Great Library was built, as it was there long before any building on record. The Great Library of Isvan is lo

Meldon University Edit