Grendel Vault
Grendel Vault guild mark
Guild Information
Guild Location Coniston Crossing
Guild Affinity Dark
S Class Members Arachnis

Grendel Vault's Origins Edit

Grendel Vault is a Guild formed on a foundation of Hatred, Anger, and a vendetta against humanity. The owner of Grendel Vault is a well known witch known as The Dream Catcher because of one of her signature abilities. After her home land submerged under the sea along with all those who lived there, she sought out a new place to wreak chaos and created Grendel Vault. Grendel Vault's members are usually strategist and highly trained when it comes to assassination skills which to them is highly important and determines an individuals rank.

Grendel Vault's Rules Edit

1. Move swiftly and preform your job or mission as quickly as possible. Edit

2. Leave no traces or mess when doing your mission or job. Edit

3. Do not travel in the broad daylight or in public and keep your self hidden at all times unless your cover has been blown. Edit

4. If a partner or member is injured during a mission and you are unable to carry them with you, kill them. Edit

5. If you are caught and forced to deliver any type of information, then kill your self or be killed by a superior member. Edit

Grendel Vaults Rankings Edit

Ranks Names
Red Queen Arachnis
Branch 8 NPC
Branch 7 NPC
Branch 6 NPC
Branch 5 NPC
Branch 4 NPC
Branch 3 NPC
Branch 2 NPC
Branch 1 NPC

Grendel Vault Team Ranks Edit

Symbol Rank
D1 Scout
Scout- The lowest member of the team

and is usually expendable. The scout

has no real job but to follow the orders

of the strategist and is usually just a

pawn on the team.

D1 Targeter
Targeter- The targeter is usually the

member who is most advanced in

their assassin skills and i used to take

out enemies as quickly and quietly as


D1 Tank
Tank- A tank is usually the strongest

and most powerful member of the group

who uses brute strength to overcome

enemies and chaos destruction.

D1 Strategist
Strategist- The strategist is a very

important member of the group because

they are the person who plans out

the missions and makes all of the plans.

They usually excel high than others in

intellectual ability.

D1 Leadr
Leader- The team leader is usually

the person who oversees the missions

and makes sure everything goes out as

planed. The leader is usually held

responsible for a failed mission.

Grendel Vault Tools Edit

Thanks to their leader Arachnis, Grendel Vault has a variety of magical tools created to help them through out missions and daily life as members of the guild.

Energy Storer- Energy storers are usually in the form of a large spider that drain excess energy from attack or people. The energy is then stored inside of its body and can be inserted back into a person through biting them and passing along the energy to that person.

Messengers- Messangers are usually in the form of tiny spiders that travel with a guild member on their shoulders allowing arachnis or a higher up to see through the spiders eyes and report messages to them.