Ghost Smile Guild mark
Guild Information
Guild Location Ringvale Hollow
Guild Affinity Official
S Class Members Thorne Alek

Ghost Smile is a group of warrior mages, attached to the Council and licensed to act in situations where the Rune Knights are restricted.

Entrance Requirements Edit

Members of Ghost Smile must be able to use a bladed weapon as a secondary offensive tool.

To join Ghost Smile, a potential member must prove their ability to hold their own against the Guild's weakest, or lowest available class, member. This competency is shown through a test in three parts--a test of magic, followed by a test of skill with a blade, ending in unarmed combat.

Those that fail are eligible to train at the Demon Training Academy, to improve their skill as a fighter, and upon completing the course may reattempt the entry exam.

Goals Edit

  • Protect those who can't protect themselves
  • Become unstoppable through teamwork
  • Attain focus of body and mind to increase individual power

Members Edit

Name Rank Team Status
Argus Filian Guildmaster Deceased
Azuma Matsumoto Guildmaster Retired
? Guildmaster Deceased
Rezz Kain Guildmaster Active
Ahnesti Raganis E Class Active
Grimm Hawthrone E Class Active
Shinra E Class Inactive
Lana Short E Class NPC