Personality Edit

Fiyera is a cocky spitfire to most, but deep down, she's a sweet and shy girl.

Bio Edit

Kidnapped as a child, Fiyera only knew one life; life as a gypsy slave. Until the age of eight, Fiyera served a band of gypsies until her powers began to emerge one day. After that, she was locked in a cage and paraded like a freak, accumulating wealth for the gypsy band. After years of being locked up and beaten down, Fiyera managed to escape. Now, at the age of seventeen, she wanders city to city, taking what she wants and just trying her best to survive.

Abilities Edit

The ability to create and manipulate fire is her most noticeable ability, but she is also a skilled thief and pickpocket. Living with the gypsies, she learned a few of their trades; sewing, music, art, and building.

Items & Equipment Edit

She carries a brown, medium sized messenger bag with her everywhere.

Other Edit

Username: Guest_SweetLittleCrow