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Fiyera is a Fire user and member of Ghost Smile.

Welcome to the Demon Howl Wikia

Page for the Demon Howl IMVU Fairy Tail rp

Rules, Regulations and Info

Demon Howl is a Universe RP--this means that several Guilds are part of our network. This is done to increase flexibility and scale.


Mages (Sorted by Guild)

Demon Howl

Name Rank Jewel
Kaneda Guildmaster
Valerius Largo S Class
Argus Samson S Class
Angeline Skye S Class
Dio S Class
Takamiya Fuji Mage
William Miles Mage
Audrey Blank Mage
Oliver Oxford S Class 620,000
Minxie Spirito Mage 15,000
Yomi Gremory Mage 5,000
Lain Calverus Mage 5,000
Koritoko Hiryuu Mage 5,000
Daisuke Drakon Mage 5,000

Ghost Smile

Name Rank Jewel
Rezz Kain Guildmaster 14,420,000
Fiyera Mage 5,000
Ahnesti Raganis Mage 5,000
Aetheros Mage 105,000
Grimm Hawthrone Mage 5,000
Sentaki Onmyou Mage 5,000
Sophia Corvosa Mage 5,000

Crescent Glow

Name Rank Jewel
Avalon D'Fae Guildmaster
Naru Hoshi S Class
Ashton Boulder
Clair Walker