Demon Howl video

Demon Howl video

Demon Howl is a recognized Guild in the Magic Universe. Its Guildmaster, Kaneda, is the fourth in succession, taking over after her predecessor was killed in battle.

Entry Requirements Edit

Demon Howl mages are handpicked by the Guildmaster herself. If one is not chosen, it is likely that another Guild is a better fit.

Goals Edit

  • Restore the Guild to its former glory
  • Assemble a strong group of mages to keep peace in the region
  • Find and hone unique magics

Members Edit

Name Rank EXP Status
Kaneda Guildmaster N/A Active
Valerius Largo S Class N/A NPC
Argus Samson S Class N/A NPC
Angeline Skye S Class N/A NPC
Avalon D'Fae S Class N/A Active
Dio S Class N/A Inactive
Takamiya Fuji A Class N/A Inactive
William Miles D Class N/A NPC
Audrey Blank D Class N/A NPC
Oliver Oxford C Class 265/600 Active
Lain Calverus D Class 100/300 Active
Minxie Spirito D Class 95/300 Active
Cerise Wulffang E Class 0/150 Active
Vain E Class 0/150 Inactive
Aleyeana De’lolith Dianaes E Class 75/150 Active
Yomi Gremory E Class 125/150 Active
Koritoko Hiryuu E Class 125/150 Active
Daisuke Drakon E Class 15/150 Active

Former Members Edit

Name Rank Status
Crowley Founder Unknown
Garrus Argent Guildmaster Deceased
Aryn Temerius Guildmaster Deceased
Titus Alexander Z Class Retired
Lys S Class Guildmaster, Star Child

Hidden Magic Edit

Demon Howl has a total of four Hidden Magics, which can be used only by the current Guildmaster.

Hellhound's Fury Edit

A brutal offensive attack capable of completely shredding an opponent, making it appear as though they had been mauled by some hellish beast.

Demon's Howl Edit

A breath attack similar to a Slayer's, which releases a wide beam (20ft) of destructive energy that vaporizes all but the hardest things in its path.

Hellgate Edit

An offensive move similar to a clone ability, but creates monster warriors with blades capable of slicing through bone quickly.

Eternal Pain Edit

A strong illusion attack that incapacitates the target (or targets, up to 4 can be affected at once), sending them into a dream world of pain and suffering that lasts until they are able to break free, or until they die.