Vital Statistics
Magic Classification Caster
Magic Type Water Dragon Slayer
Age 17
Class Academy Student
Aspiration Become a teacher of water magic and learn new skills dealing with fire magic


Daisuke is a shy, humble,Over confidence person with one flaw which is his clumsiness. He but all of that goes away in battle, he becomes more serious with a different tone of how he see's it, Stand in his way; He will attempt to murder you or beat someone into a bloody pulp


Daisuke was born into a family of three, being the middle child things where different from him his parents Mona and Abe always wanted him to become like his older brother Yu. He'd normally get in trouble causing his brother to be the star of the family and his parents to shun him mostly. He'd took the time out of his days to learn more and more as well better than his older brother. He found where a dragon laid in the countryside he stayed, he look for the water dragon named "Mizu" and asked him to teach him the ways of the water. For months on end he learned from Mizu, when the time came for Dai to leave Mizu he went off to find a different home from himself away from his parents and Siblings. He came across the land of Isvan to look for somewhere he can grow as a magic user and meet new people.


Deep Sea Crusher

A melee attack that surrounds the user with water shooting them into the sky above there opponents head, the user swims above their opponent and delivers a powerful punch to them from above causing a large impact on the ground.

Rain Dance

Rain Dance is a unique Water Dragon Slayer Magic spell; when performing Rain Dance, the user thrusts their hand into the sky, sending faint traces of their magical energy into the sky—these expand at a rapid rate, muddling with the skies and their weather patterns

Hydrifcation Blade

Magic spell normally used with a blade but can be used unarmed, Wrapping the users hand int magical energy which gives the user and extends the reach of its user, Can be changed into a whip as well has it defensive capabilities for defending.

Water Dragons Roar

Ranged attack that shoots out a quick burst of water at a high enough speed to send someone back a couple of feet or inches depending on where the user shoots at.

Azurite Palm

A melee attack that transform the users hand into a small whirlpool that when hit on contact will spin the opponent around in a 360 motion, can be grown into a large attack range but will take more time to deliver the attack fully.

Tools and Equipment

Pair of Gloves with studs on them.


Hates Spiders

6'1 190 lbs

Has a love for cute things and food