Vital Statistics
Magic Classification Lost Magic
Magic Type Vermilion Dragon Slayer
Age 26
Guild Name 9 Masked Legion
Guild Mark location Right Shoulder
Team Name N/A
Guild Rank Guild Leader
Screen Name {{{SN Unknown}}}

'Kaiza Freyer' Edit

Kaiza Freyr is also known as Crimson Flame (紅炎Kuen), is an SS-Class Mage who is a member of the dark guild, 9 Masked Legion, and is the Guildmaster. He was given the title, The Red King, due to his unique form of Vermilion Dragon Slayer Magic and his hotheaded and explosive nature.

Coming from a mysterious past, Prior to receiving the name Kaiza Freyer by his foster parent and he hailed from the village of Bellum, where he was known to be a thief, a peasant. As expected, he is a First Generation Dragon Slayer wielding the element of heat due to being trained by Ddraig Goch at a young age. Kaiza traveled across Earth Land in order to explore the world beyond the cave he and Ddraig Goch shared. During his journey, Kaiza came across a fellow man known as Rozeluxe Meitzen and proceeded to travel with him for several months. It was during this time that Kaiza was slowly becoming renown through Earth Land due to his involvement in taking down several guilds, taking up the moniker "Crimson Flame" for his incredible prowess.

After mutually parting ways with Rozeluxe, Kaiza continued to explore Earth Land as he grew in strength. He was soon approached by the man again who spoke of changing the world with his powers ruling at the top and him as the leader. Kaiza eventually accepted the idea after Rozeluxe elaborated more and gave him an ancient book that told stories about Dragon Slayers ruling certain kingdoms once the dragons disappeared. As the years went by, Kaiza eventually established Dragon Slayer pride, to become the ruler of dragons. He was also known by the title of Dragon Slayer King (滅龍神Metsuryūjin) as a self-proclaim title. 


Kaiza takes the appearance of a young man that has a permanent scowl on his face; as such, he is often described as an"unapproachable person" or"a delinquent". Kaiza' body is well-toned and was acquired through his rigorous training from his time with his foster mother. Genghis is also quite tall , as well as possessing slightly tanned skin which is due to absorbing large quantities of heat energy through his skin. Kaiza has deep red hair that is rather short and messy, bangs falling along his forehead. He does not seem to care what style his hair is in as he will simply get out of bed and leave it exactly how it is. His eyes are colored amber, with the pupils being thin and vertical similar to that of a Dragon's. Underneath his eyes', Kaiza has light creases which seemed to developed since he turned 14 for reasons that he does not know.  Shiin states that Kaiza' creases make him look like a weasel to his chagrin and June' hidden amusement. Surprisingly when it comes to clothing, Kaiza makes himself looks presentable; his causal attire consist of a collared white shirt with the top buttons undone that's tucked in grey/dark blue checkered pants which has a dark brown belt around his waist and formal black dress shoes. On top of the white shirt, he wears a dark blue blazer and loosened dark red tie.


Five years later, Kaiza has grown tremendously as he is now much taller than he was before, as he is now the second tallest in his Guild. His hair has grown out though it still is styled in a short, ruffled manner while at the same time being spiked with two strands of hair near the opposite sides of his head falling over his face, as well as distinct sideburns. The creases underneath his eyes have become more noticeable, now being considered Crow's feet by many members of 9 Masked Legion. As with Kaiza' physical appearance, his clothing has also changed; he now wears western-based clothing. His preferred attire consist of a black, leather jacket with a fur collar; underneath the jacket is a white V-neck shirt that cover hides his muscular frame. He also has on a pair of dark blue, denim jeans; being held up by a simple brown belt that has a silver chain attached to the belt from his back pocket. Additionally, he has a set of black shoes to top off the rest of his outfit. He also wears other jewelry pieces with his clothing, primarily silver as it adds a certain flare to his outfit. He has a silver ring that is on his left hand in his index finger. He also has a star-shaped necklace that hangs down his shirt. He also has a piercing in his left ear.

Unknown Man

Though when being in his hidden apparel when going on missions or going out of hs way to do certin acitvities. Kaiza wears a dark cloak with a baggy hood to cover the entire head. It has a pin stripe design on the edge and over the cloak, around the neck was a red scarf but it also has a long tail on the right side. Underneath it all, Kaiza wears a pieces of clothing underneath but mainly a mask that would resemble from an opera. It was a white mask with three red designs; one on either side on the mask with one down the forehead of the mask. The mask itself is the very mask that symbolizes the 9 Mask Legion. 


Kaiza is a sly and cunning individual who possesses a keen intellect and is able to read his opponents quite easily to determine their true intentions. He's also observant of his opponent's behavior and instinctively knows when they are lying or masking their feelings. His most distinguishing trait is his ability to seemingly blend into a crowd and appear rather unassuming to not draw too much attention to himself. This allows him to freely move from area to area without hassle. He particularly exploits this trait when he needs to scout an area or eavesdrop for information, such as when he navigated through Towns without worry about being noticed. When speaking, he tends to punctuate his sentences with a grin or joke and carries an air of levity around him, seldom taking things seriously. With his guildmates, he comes off rather lazy and unenthusiastic. He tends to leave the other guild members to their own devices and vice versa, though it is unknown if this is due to respect or disinterest in one another. But it is known that he is one of the guild's most talented mage even as a leader and intimidating towards some of its members. An interesting note about Kaiza is that he doesn't clash with any other members, but no others really speak to him, again emphasizing his ability to casually blend into the environment and not draw attention to himself.

The only time Kaiza appears enthusiastic is during combat. Crow is greatly excited by battles and favors going up against strong opponents. During these times, his title of the Fury is more apparent. He wields his magic with intensity and can become very aggressive in battle. Regardless of the number of opponents or if the situation seems dire, Kaiza is absolutely fearless and constantly grins and laughs as the fight goes on. He will continuously fight until he's either the last one standing or dead. He is not intentionally cruel to people or his opponents, but if crossed, he has no qualms with lashing out with his explosive side. Kaiza has a strong desire in fighting against powerful opponents and is where he gains the most enjoyment from.

Though there is a side of Kaiza which he believes that as a Dragon Slayer that he is all-powerful and should rule over the "unintelligent and feeble humans", clearly showing that he does not seem himself as a human but something even greater than said race. His arrogance stems to the point where he will make sure plans in favor of going his own way, believing the way that he does things are far superior despite the fact that it will usually led to things going disastrous and result in possible failure. Kaiza can also be aggressive and cold-blooded: He has shown during multiple occasions that he cares little for another person's life, destroying towns with no remorse or mercy. It is unknown exactly how he gained such a strange mentality, although it is speculated that he gained it from the time he spent learning about the outside world. 


Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Genghis Breningoch - Hand To Hand Combat

Master Hand to Hand: As a Dragon Slayer, Kaiza has made it necessity to be skilled when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and has proven that is on multiple occasion, using his physical attributes to boost his overall combat prowess. By specializing in his own unique style that allows him to use his Dragon Slayer Magic in synchronization, which in turn allows him to delivers massive damage to whoever may be stand within his way. This style of fighting, when viewed by an outsider, is often described as a savage and uncoordinated, simply destroying smashing everything that stand in Kaiza's way; in a way, he becomes like a hungry tiger, attacking with great fierceness. Making use of his physical attributes, He is able to use his immense strength to deliver powerful punches that is able to cause stone to break and can launch pressurized blast of wind that when upon hitting the opponent, will deliver incredible blunt damage and send them flying; in a way resembling a Wind Magic spell. Kaiza will usually throw devastating punches towards his opponent's face and torso, similar to a boxer, as he will deliver massive damage and wear down his opponent. Kaiza's speed plays a factor in his fighting style as well as he will dash move at untraceable speeds, maneuvering from one point to another within a span of a few seconds. He can also use his speed to enhance the number of punches and kicks that he can preform, raining a myriad of blows onto his opponent, overwhelming them with great force. He is also able to react to attacks that come his way, ducking and weaving around his opponent before quickly countering with a fast yet surprisingly fluid attack that will leave his opponent in a daze, letting him to unleash his fury onto them. By using his incredible durability to his advantage and ignoring the pain that he receives, Kaiza is able to push through practically whatever comes his way, making some people believe that he is actually a Dragon in the form of a human. With his incredible combat prowess, Kaia has been able to take on hordes of opponents and defeat many powerful foes such as Damon D. Draco who is a powerful combatant in his own right and Butch Magnus who is now a S-Class Mage within the other guilds. Truly, Kaiza is a force of nature when it comes to fighting with nothing but his hands and feet. Edit

Speed and Reflex: 
When compared to his strength or endurance, Kaiza's speed seems to be extremely dangerous a bit. Nevertheless, he has proven to be a swift and agile fighter that is capable of maneuvering around attacks and preforming incredible counters. Thanks to his training from his foster mother which involved running while carrying large rocks as she launched balls of intense heat toward him, he is able to move at unbelievable speeds, leaving afterimages in his place when he force himself to his maximum, confusing his foe and allowing him to maneuver around them before striking. Kaiza speed has shown to be incredibly useful on multiple occasions. After breaking out of his cell while he was in Crimson World, Kaiza was able to move with such speed, intercepting the Rune Knights that were coming to stop him from leaving the facility. When incorporating his speed into his fighting style, he is capable of unleashing swift and devastating blows that overwhelm his opponent into submission, a tactic that he is incredible fond of using. Kaiza can also use his speed to boost his enhance the forces of his attacks; by taking a running start, he can use the momentum that he has accumulated and deliver an attack that is capable of caving his opponent's chest in. Not only is he able to move fast, he is also able to react with swiftness. This being is able to react accordingly to an attack, dodging before he is hit or blocking the attack before coming with a powerful counter-strike that will send them flying back. 

Phenomenal Durability and Endurance:  Despite his thin stature, Kaiza is capable of withstanding the most violent of onslaughts, coming out with only minimal damage such as a few scratches or a small bruise. Even when being sent through multiple obstacles, he was able to come out relatively unharmed and still continued on with fighting his foe, as though not a single thing happened to him. This was seen when Rozeluxe literally launched him straight through a mountain and he was able to still get back up with no problem, ready to fight once more. He was able to get back up after taking a devastating slash to the chest, which is said to be able to slice a mountain in half. Thanks to the training he received from his foster mother, Kaiza is capable of resisting the intense heat of most fire-based Magics as he was exposed to the blistering heat that his foster mother is able to conjure. Kaiza is also able to fight for extensive periods of time, continuing onward even when he has met the peak of exhaustion. He was able to match with Shiin, trading blow for blow, despite his body being bloody and mangled. His incredible durability allowed him to fight even after he used his most powerful Secret Dragon Slayer Art twice, a spell that leaves him exhausted to the point where it seems like he will faint at any given moment. Overall, the endurance and durability that he possess is considered out-of-this-world, making many believe that he is truly a dragon that was transformed into a human, much to the amusement of his foster mother when she hears such rumors. 

Enormous Magical Power:

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Kaiza, due to his heritage of being a Dragon Slayer, possesses a proportionately larger amount of magical power than most would possess. Kaiza actually discovered a way to increasing his magical power through exhausting his own magical container; causing his magical container to grow larger in size and his magic to become much denser. This makes his spells more potent, thus stronger. This has been shown when Kaiza is in battle; capable of unleashing various high-tiers Slayer spells and yet still possessing a noticeable amount of magical power still left over. In addition, being a Vermillion Dragon Slayer, he, when devouring heat, is able to constantly replenish his own magical power, as well as heal his own wounds, allowing his to draw fight in various places that have heat around him, even drawing in heat from the sun. Kaiza's magical power also has another effect; motion sickness, a phenomenon that a "real" Dragon Slayer possesses when they have reached a certain point of power. 


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Vermilion Dragon Slayer- It has the ability to utilize thermal energy, the heat aspect of said energy, in order to slay Dragons. Taught to him by Ddraig Goch, or the Crimson Dragon Empress (Shuryūtei) as she is commonly known within the dragon community, Kaiza learned how to mimic the various characteristics that are typically associated with the type of Dragon that Ddraig Goch is through training that could be described as hellish: lungs that are capable of unleashing blistering heat, scales that are able to grant protection against intense temperatures, and nails that are coated in heat energy—these traits are commonly associated with a Heat Dragon. As a result, Kaiza has—to a certain degree—absolute dominance over heat energy, capable of generating, manipulating, and absorbing said energy with little thought; harnessing the powers of a Heat Dragon. In order to activate this powerful and destructive Lost Magic, Kaiza will project his magical power outwards, using it to manipulate the temperature up to such a level that it can only be registered as heat, before combining his magical power with the eternano within the atmosphere in order for the heat energy to actually manifest. The heat that Kaiza manifests is known for being incredibly hot as it is capable of melting platinum with no problem—meaning that he is able to raise the temperature of the heat to an overwhelming 3,214 °F, which is far beyond the known temperature of the fire conjugated through Fire Dragon Slayer Magic; not only that, but the heat is connected to Kaiza' is strictly connected to his emotions, specifically rage, meaning that angry that he gets, the more his heat will increase exponentially in temperature. He is also capable of matching and overwhelming the cold energy of Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic though this is only due to the current user Jadis Lissandra still being inexperience and young. It should be noted that much like Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, the heat that is produced by Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic has a similar "blunt" effect to it, as though someone was being hit with a solid object upon impact. As such, the heat that Kaiza produced is able to cause bludgeoning damage to the area around him while simultaneously, burning whatever happens to be within his way at the moment. 

Having absolute dominance over the element of heat, Kaiza is capable of manipulating his element in a variety of ways, to fit the situation that he is in, utilizing it in either a traditional offensive and defensive manner or for supplementary purposes. With his overall attention being on gaining more power, combined with his own believe that a best offense is an overwhelming one, it is quite obvious that he prefers to focus on the offensive aspect of his magic, making little use of the other aspects. Being able to unleash ranged or melee attacks with celerity gives Kaiza a wide advantage as he is capable of switching tactics on the fly, surprising his opponent at the sudden change in strategy. His most common usage of Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic would have to be enhancing his combat process by coating parts of his body in heat energy, further enhancing his destructive melee techniques—delivering additional bludgeoning and burning damage to his foe. He can further increase this damage by adding rotatory drilling effect to his heat, granting his incoming attacks exceptional cutting power. Much like other Dragon Slayers, Kaiza is capable of unleashing a myriad type of projectiles when using his magic. Outside of the typical Dragon's Roar, he is capable of shaping heat into various shapes with their own purposes, ranging from a simple broadsword to a raging dragon of blistering heat. These constructs can be granted varying levels of independence and existence depending on the complexity of the construct. Kaiza can also create mirages as he can manipulate the heat in the air in order to create an illusion and can proceed to trick his opponent's visual perception of the area around them, as he can change their view of the surrounding or even create multiple life-like clones of himself. Outside of the ability to manipulate heat in various ways, Kaiza is also able to consume external sources of heat to restore his body to a healthy state and regain his reserves of strength, which in turn, makes him immune to most types of heat-based Magics, due to the ability to nullify the attacks by simply sucking them in and devouring it. However, much like that of other Dragon Slayers, Kaiza is unable to digest his own heat to reinvigorate himself 

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