Vital Statistics
Magic Classification Holder
Magic Type Celestial Gates
Age Unknown
Guild Name Undecided
Guild Mark location {{{MarkLoc Unknown}}}
Team Name {{{Team Name Unknown}}}
Guild Rank E Class
Screen Name vampyrerah

Personality Edit

Ahnesti is a quiet, reserved kind of girl with a big heart. She doesn't impede or overstep boundaries. Has very few fears, but making friends is one of them. Likes the dark, but is slightly afraid of it. Will fight with everything in her for those she is close too, and willing to give what she can to those in need.

Bio Edit

Ahnesti Raganis was born in the small village of Janyt. Soon after birt, due to an invasion she was left at the door step of an elderly old man and his daughter in the neighboring town of Vinyen. They raised her and soon discovered she was a special child. Unlike others, she had the ability to call upon celestials. By the age of twelve, she had summoned her first celestial and thus began her journey into celestial wizardry, learning from the zodiac in which she created a contract with. Pisces.

    The young woman now around 19 was a quiet, crimson redhead with bright jade green eyes and a soft almost porcelain complexion. She was petite but far from weak. Growing up defending not only herself but her best friend Remmy, but sometimes her own family. At the age of 16 she fought as hard as she could when her home town was invaded, but lost everyone she cared deeply about. Her mother and grandfather were burned in their home, and Remmy was found in the stables...the memory of him was too grusome for her to even think about.  Since then she's traveled, done light and miscelleneous jobs to get enough cash to move on to the next place and do it all over again. Occasionally she would run into trouble and have to fight her way out, or call upon her celestials to aid her. Since then, she hasn't formed any real friendships or bonds with anyone, but deep down, she hoped to one day...

Abilities/Magic Items Edit

Ability to call upon celestial spirits, magical items: Gate Keys.

Tools and Equipment Edit

Uses Keys to open the celestial gates and calls upon her celestial spirits when in need of their particular talents. Uses dual katanas as her secondary weapon of choice.

Current celestial gate keys are

Gold- Picese

Silver- Lyra

Silver- Caelum

Silver- Horologium

Silver- Deneb

Other Edit

DOB: March 2nd

Height: 5' 2" tall

Weight: 115 lbs

Favorite Colors: Black and crimson

....more to be revealed as time goes on.