Vital Statistics
Magic Classification Caster
Magic Type Requip
Age 21
Guild Name Ghost Smile
Guild Mark location Left Glove
Team Name N/A
Guild Rank E
Screen Name Roxas123243

Personality Edit

Aetheros is normally an calm person, He cares about people that cannot defend themselves. He normally likes looking out for people, and is extremely outgoing. At times he can be a little volatile. But, he normally is calm. However, he has also fell into a depression. His grandparents set him up, and with the millitary training that he has recived, he helped outher towns in need. He has seen some really, really wrong things.  What he needs is a helpful friend, or friends. He wants to join a guild.

Recently, with in the last three years, with a honorable discharged himself from the military due to three tours of combat. He kept his father's revolver, a Prototype miniaturized rail-gun that also uses magical energy to charge; and also his mother's scarf. The scarf is a light blue, and also is enchanted with a latent protection spell.

What he want's to do, is find the murderer, and turn him in, that's if he does not kill him/her first. 

Bio Edit

Aetherios grew up poor. When he was a little kid, his family was murdered in front of him. The police came and tried to find them, but after years of searching, the case went cold. In this time, he lived with his grandparents. He was a only child, and when he was twelve, he discovered that he used requip magic. When his grandparents found out, they gave him one gun blade. Pollux. Then he was trained with that blade. When he turned 16, he also found out that his father was a requip mage too. In his will he left his gunblades to Aetherios. his grandparents, Abigail and Fredrick. Then, when he turned 19, he joined the military. By the time he got back home, his grandmother died, and she had another gunblade for him. She was also a requip mage. Durendal, The ice gunblade. He thought it was broken, but after he used it in a fight against some bandits that was trying to break into his home, he was now aware that the blade must be primed. After he chased off the bandits, he got a letter, a strange one of sorts; Then it read "I am coming for you." He showed this to his grandparents, and surely enough, they helped him get camping supplies and then turned him loose. Then he wandered throughout Gallows island, helping people.

Also, he is not an normal requip user. The gun-blade that he uses also uses the same mutions. When he requips an different gun-blade he also changes clothes to match the style. However, at the moment, he wears a light, cloth trench coat that's blue and silver ; with a hat that blocks out the sunlight, a scarf that was made by his mother, that happens to be light blue. The boots and gloves are brown tanned leather.,.

During his military years, he was nicknamed the demon of the winds because he killed sixteen men that where high value targets when it was windy out one day, his pinkish red eyes did't help as well. His friends also called him the local."Vampire." Because he only was able to come out at night for a little while.

Abilities Edit

Type 61 Jackal Edit

The gunblade Type 61 “Jackal” was given to it by the manufacture’s CEO because of its devastating attack and also defensive capabilities; this also gives a massive boost to speed if he is on the ground.  The gunblade its self uses a tube fed system. The tube can be ejected for use with magic, so that way it does not set off the next tube of ammo. Each tube contains 15+1 per tube. The gunblade uses a Railgun based system. It also uses magic as a charge by using a contained concussive burst. This sends it through the magnets propelling it faster. This also leads to the gunblade also firing faster and quieter. The gunblade has markings from an ancient weapon smith. He found this on the way to the tournament to fight. What it looks like is, the blade is back, with a silver lining, and also the blade, barrel and the stock is all black. The grip, however is silver.

What he dresses in is armored jacket that is also impact resistant, the paints are scale mail. He wears a long grey trench with a blue scarf. The boots, white with a black secondary color. The glasses, silver. His hat, it’s now a scale mail cap, that happens to be a tarnished silver. This also lets him have certain immunities to magic. However, he is weak to fire. He is also strong to more types Ice, Blunt force, ect And in this form, we grows a wolf’s tail. It’s also white and grey.

Passive: Ultralight.

This allows this gunblade to be used in duel welding.


Style one: Penetrating Oblivion : Aetheros draws the gun blade and swiftly transforms it by clicking a button on the side that also transforms it to the gun. He takes aim and dumps the clip into or at the opponents. It gives the lightning attacks an edge because it can also easily attract the lighting, by a lightning rod effect. This also gives Strengths/weaknesses equal to the main hand gunblade’s element. However, this can be used at any time, but the reload time is halved for three posts.

Style two: Revolving Judgment.

Aetheros draws his revolver, and this gun blade, He rushes the opponent, and also if the opponent is armored, leaving scores in the armor, weaknesses that him and other people can use against the opponent. Then, Aetheros draws the revolver, and spins it. What is in it is fire, ice, earth and two concussive blasts. The fire burns, the ice shatters and makes crystals appear on the armor. Earth also makes like the ice, but also causes a weakness when the same area is shot with the concussive rounds; and the concussive rounds just detonate on impact, that can also break the armor off. This also can cause a lot of miss-fires. Also using enchanted ammo.

Style three: Miracle : Aetheros draws the Type 61 and loads it, then requips another gunblade that can help him in the situation that is at hand, But, he is only limited to the situation only, as in he needs to reactivate this when another person that also is threatening him. So if someone is week to fire, he draws the razorfeild magnum, and so on and so forth, but he needs to know the weakness first.

Overclock: Bastion of the end:  This can happen when aetheros is weekend, or bleeding out. When he is on the verge of dying, he fills with determination, He draws anouther gunblade and activates it’s overclock. Keep in mind, that the healing factor is activated and doubled. Also, when this gunblade is disarmed, he can call it back one post later. This also keeps him from going weaponless. Also, Healing factor prioritizes the critically injured sections first.  Also, this gunblade also copies the overclock if Aetheros is dying. This allows him to commit the final act, but he does heal if he is successful. However, he does heal no matter what. This can be only activate once per battle with an opponent. Not the entire arch/event.

Durendal Edit

an ice gunblade, is a strange gunblade, it is a lighter, and more sleek gun-blade then the others.  It is cold to the touch, and the gunblade actually shoots ice-rounds; when they shatter on impact, they start a chain of ice on the person.  Sometimes, ice forms around the gun part of the blade when Aetheros shoots too much ammo. This is also helpful. This means that now he can prime the blade.

Priming the blade means for the blade to ‘Draw’ There must be ice around, or there must be ice on the barrel of the blade. Which means that the blade must me covered with ice. Also, the extremely long.  But due to the heavy reliance with the gun, it can jam, but not overheat. When the blade is primed the blade will automatically draw.

Aetheros will have a cold aura around him, and his body will coat with ice, causing a natural armor plating of thinly layered ice, that does not hinder his ability to move. Also, his eyes now turn blue. At this form, due to the cold, some fire cannot hurt him. The ice will protect him. He also gains defence, and also a minor attack boost.

Vapor Cannon. Edit

Charges and shoots a beam of cold that can chill the Opponent to the bone, and also slow them down. This also gives the gun a partial covered barrel. This move can be used as much as I want for the very reason that it is used as a primer.

Cryo-shock Edit

This can freeze the Opponent for a short time, or at least slow them down. This can be also used to spawn walls so that the opponent cannot get close to Aetheros. If conditions are met, the blade will draw the blade itself.  This attack also coats the blade in a very thin covering of ice. When the opponent is struck with the blade, it can freeze a section of the body. However, it will not freeze the chest, or head. This is also meant to hurt, but not kill. This is one of the many to come that is not lethal to other people.

Breaking point. Edit

When a part of the body is frozen, Aetheros attempts to shatter the ice, breaking the bone, and possibly the arm, or leg. Then he repeats the process with Cryo-shock, and Breaking point. When he knows that he cannot win, and he is injured, in this mode, Ice forms over the blade and advances to the next step.  

==== Overclock: Diamond Dust.' ==== 

The Blade is now covered in ice, he forms them into ice crystals and then shoots them into the air, using this, when he shoots them into the air, the area becomes colder, and any water freezes, then it starts to snow. The snow heals him prioritizing the most injured areas first. Then goes to heal critically injured areas first. Then the blade itself.  The ice can melt down to water and then to ice sickles in the air, enveloping the Opponent(s) in a prison. Then another, much bigger ball of ice comprising of the ice crytals in the air, comes down on top of the opponent(s), and crushing them. This can only be used as a last resort. This can only be used once an battle, and has a good chance of critically injuring the foes involved. 


The Sword of Sutr Edit

this Sharper and slightly longer, but yet very effective. This fire based gunblade is not something to be trifled with. The gun part of it shoots Armor Piercing Rounds, but sometimes the gun does jam, causing a hang-fire. When it fires successfully, the blade also extends so the mage can keep mobile. It’s black and red. The blade from the blade, is red, and the broadside is black. The colors transition to black and red. This also has a slow rate of fire, however the blade radiates heat. Then the blade makes contact, the cut burns the surrounding areas. Also, anouther trade that he gets is that he is slightly slower, and but, he has an average defense and attack.

His clothes also change, what wears scale mail with his jacket. Under his scale mail is his leather paints, and boots. The scale mail is black with red highlights, signifying a firestorm.

Firestorm Edit

The gunblade’s blade catches on fire, and also stays ignited for seven posts. The flame makes the blade so that it can slice through Steel, Iron, and copper. Also, if he performs an attack, the flames glow blue. The flames also reflect his emotion.  So if he gets angry, the flame glows an greenish blue. Also, when a opponent gets struck with the blade, it cauterizes the wound, but leaves stage II Burns. Recharge time is 2 rounds.

Hellfire Edit

Aetheros gets more angered and eventually builds into a rage. The rage also makes it that the blade starts sparking. If not in a safe area can cause things to go up in flames. Aetheros ‘locks on’ to an Opponent and starts to attack, and this can leave Stage III Burns where is struck, and also clothes can also go up in flames on the Opponent. This also leaves him looking very…red. The recharge time on this is 4 rounds if Firestorm is not active. If it is, 2 rounds.

Jericho Edit

The blade is now blue hot. But no flames are visible. The blade is so hot now that it can cut through almost any metal. However, the blade is now sharpened. Aetheros also gains a speed boost and as well as an attack boost. If he strikes an opponent, bad things are going to happen to him, the blade is so hot that if he strikes anyone with it, they cannot feel the strike. This is also fodder for psychological factors. Also at this point, he builds into a calm rage.  If the blade makes contact, the skin, and clothes are going to be destroyed. Also, he can throw blue fireballs in this mode. The blade’s fire looks like a blue torch. Cooldown 5 turns. If Hellfire is active, 1 turn. 

==== Overclock: Helion’s Saber ==== The blade undergoes a complete transformation. The blade now looks completely white. The fire, is not able to be seen. This is where his health comes into matter. If he is near death, the power from the blade can now somewhat heal him, moderately. So bones are now corrected, this is also prioritizing heavy and critical wounds. They are cauterized and Immediately sealed.  This is also able to stabilize him. However, he must be near death for this blade to take this form.  This blade is now able to completely melt any metal that comes in contact with it, and also if clothes, flesh, or anything of the sort comes in contact with it, it is destroyed. The recharge is only ONCE PER BATTLE. This can also cause the gun blade to be partway damaged. 

Pollux Edit

The outer gunblade, "Pollux" That gunblade was made as a twin. The outer one was given to his father. Pollux uses Normal ammo, the range is normally 50 feet without aiming. However, aiming it can go up to 70 feet. What it looks like is that it has a brown hilt and with gold color interlace, the blade's border is gold, with a transition to silver on the blade. He dresses in his normal clothes that is blue jeans, brown boots, and a light grey sweatshirt with an cloth duster. The user of this gun blade is sacrificing defense for attack power and speed,

Knuckle Duster. Edit

Aetheros Runs to the foe and hits him with a concusive shot, that can send him flying into an nearby wall with enough force to knock the breathe out of him/her. Cooldown 2 Turns.

Launch. Edit

If Aetheros throws someone into the air, he uses an concusive blast to propel then fauther into the air and then attacks them with his blade, slicing non vital areas. This can also knock the air out of them, and also have them suffer from blood loss. Cooldown 5 Turns.

Blade dance. Edit

After Aetheros launches the foe into the air, he starts ripping them to shreads using his blade on his gunblade. This can knock the Foe Unconscious for some time. Cooldown 10 Turns.

Overclock: Starfire. Edit

Based on the damage that has been received, the more damage received the more powerful it is. While the Opponent is launched into the sky, the blade transforms into it's gun form. Then it draws in the damage dealt to aetheros and projects it back at the opponent. This can kill the Opponent, or wound him/her based on the damage received. This also heals him moderately. Time to charge this attack, 10 Rounds. Time to recharge 25 rounds.

Fragarach Edit

The name Fragarach was given to this gun-blade due to the accuracy and slight manipulation of the bullet’s trajectory. It was also called super cell because how damaging it can be to armor and flesh. This gun-blade can also has an easy way to stagger the opposing force(s). This has been through a lot of military testing, and it has passed and broken records.

Atheros Dresses in what looks like a sky blue long coat, and flak jacket, that also sports protective scale mail in important parts of the body. The paints are the same, with braces on the sides of the leg joints, and the sides of the hips. His hat is now a helmet and goggles, which happens to be tinted a grey and reflective coating. The boots are still brown, but lighter. Everything on this armor is lighter, and more efficient.  The gun blade is colored a grey and blue. Then it shifts to a black on the hilt. This blade is also very light, lighter than two pounds. The bullets also deal lightening damage. And also leaves a lightning weakness in the foe that got struck with them. This gun blade also holds 34 5milimeter rounds. Which can also be shot in rapid succession. And also can be shot semi-automatic, and also a three round burst. This is also a tube fed gun blade as well. This also boosts his speed at cost of his defence.

Passive: Ultralight. (Can be duel Wielded.)

Passive: Fast reload. (Can reload in one post)

Storm formation 1: Bullet storm.

Atheros re-quips another gun blade that can also shoots rounds at a high rate. Depending on what gun blade that it happens to be, the damage is counted as one attack. However, reloading them is once per three posts, because the magazines will be jammed. This also can leave them in a open for a post if he reloads. (Charge. Once per three posts)

Storm Formation 2: Ruin.

When he attacks an opponent, he also builds air pressure. When he does, he can unleash it on a devastating air-burst that can stagger Opponents quite easily. This is also a AoE effect range, 10 feet in all directions around him. This can also be used as a defense against anything that is fire-based and anything that is a projectile. (Burst cool down in six successful hits.)

Break Drive!! : Cataclysm!

When an ally is rendered unable to fight. He can also activate another gun-blade’s overclock weather it is equipped or not. This also makes him just a little stronger, and this also stabilizes his ally(s) and himself, stabilizing and also replacing severed limbs/broken blood arteries. And also, depending on rank, it also gives them a minor stat boost in all areas. This also gives him a regeneration factor of 0.07% for three posts, and also healing him completely.

Armors Edit

Then Aetheros is wearing his armor, he looks like a knight from the stars, the blade, gold, crystal blue, and also silver. The blade is crystal blue, and then the rest of the blade is colored gold, then the gun parts are silver. What Selene says is that the gunblade was forged when she was a Requip mage, An Evil mage (That I will name later) killed her, and sealed her within this armor. The armor is gold, and with silver highlights. The shield also fallows the same color scheme for the gunblade. The armor has some very unique abilities and some that can even be considered more powerful than Atheros.


When she was 17, she was like Erza, a very powerful A Rank mage. She was kind, fair hearted, and also not afraid not to speak her mind, when she was young, she was able to defeat some S rank mages by herself. Her Gunblade, Euphoria, Has a Unique Quality to it. She was able to use a Three Part Break drive, but, however, The battle of Oracion Seis, she was killed and trapped in her suit, Her guild was Lamia Scale, and the mark of it could be still visible on the right shoulder of the armor plate, as clear as day. She joins Aetheros as long as he helps kill the mage that locked her away in this armor for countless years. The break drive was also used to help destroy Nirvana. This is why it is very powerful.


Compactable armor: Outside of battle, the armor 'compacts' down to a shoulder bangle, gloves, and boots. The compacted armor is also shimmering with the colors, gold, blue, and silver. They have no use until he gets into a fight. That's when it all comes together, the rest of the armor materializes. Also, he gains a gun blade and a shield. 


Living armor: The armor has a mind of its own, so Aetheros names her Selene because of the feminine voice. She takes damage like a human, but due to being in a suit of armor, she is also a force in this, and after time training with her, he and Aetheros became 'synchronized.' This can also give him almost a lifeline if he is going to die, or rendered unconscious from a fight, and then get him the help he needs. 

Gun blade:  Euphoria

Forgotten Light:

When Aetheros attacks a opponent, he can jump back and send a wave of   light after his opponent, if they take a direct hit, it could blow off   the armor, and also damage the skin. Also, this could be used in chain   with other attacks, maximizing it's output. So, it could be used with   other things in his arsenal. This also has no cooldown.

Eclipse :

Aetheros empties a clip of his ammo, and when it does, it explodes producing a bright light, and then a loud bang, then if there is an opening, he can get up-close and sunder the opponent into the air, and then do some really wacky combos. He can also do a lot of damage with this attack, and he also gains a boost of speed, with a boost to attack. This also has no cooldown when he uses sunder.

Breakdrive: Lunar Convergence : When Aetheros is hurt, and Selene is cracked, Mist rolls off the armor and then covers the small area around them. Then depending on the gunblade(s) That he has equipped at the time, he can do one of three attacks, and depending on the situation, could chain all three.

Lunar Extinction: When the gunblades Durendal and Razorfeild magnum is equipped, he can transform them into the blade form, then stab them into the earth, and then doing so, A magic circle will appear around the foe, and then a red and blue spiral will erupt from the ground and then when they get high enough, unleash a beam of light that can hurt the foe. This has a 5 Post cool-down, and could me used in conjunction with the outher two attacks listed under the break drive category.

Maelstrom of the end: When the gunblades Supercell and Durendal is equipped, he transforms them into the blade form, and then stab them into the ground. A White and blue Magic Circle will appear around the foe(s) and then Air will rush into the area and then around them forming a heavy feeling, then he raises his hand up, and yells “Rupture!” Then that Air goes to their feet, and then a Collem of air shoots out from their feet, and could launch them into the air.


Tools and Equipment Edit

Heavy Transport Bag.

Water Purification tablets.

Flint and steel.

Cooking Equipment.

MREs (Meals ready to eat) x7



Mana drinks.

105,000 Jewel

Clothing Repair Kit.


ID and and passbook.

Other Edit

None for the moment.