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Job: Crystal City

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Job Location: Crystal City

Job Description: The King himself has ask protection from a group of wizards to protect him. Apparently, there has been mulitiple threats against his crown. 3 nights straight someone has come and taken out his guards and has the need of skilled wizards.

Job Reward: 500 jewels each wizard, 10EXP, Memory Days Book, X-Balls

Job Status: Minxie Spirito, Oliver Oxford, Rezz Kain

Andikins: {OO} Why was he chosen for tasks like this? Oliver Oxford was requested by the king himself of all things to be on a special guard duty with two to three mages from his guild of his choosing. Having one the Starry Sky tournament was a bad idea as he was getting all kinds of attention left and right. He just held onto his cane with both hands, having gotten gussied up in fancier attire but keeping his scarf around his body but more as a regal cape. His top was button down and he wore slacks and dress shoes, having to look the part of another castle visitor. He was all dressed and ready, looking out the window at the cloudy day with stark contrasts where the sunlight shone through onto the ground and was blocked by the fluffy shapes in the sky. Making his way down the stairs into the main lobby foyer whatever section of the Demon Howl guild hall, he looked around while reading the specifications on the mission paper with his name written in for the special request. "Who to pick, who to pick." {OO}

SpiritofMinx:*Minxie was just sitting at one of the tables she had a sparly dress on since her other cloths had been damaged on an earlier mission and had to be repaired.The brownette sighs boredly and spies Oliver out the corner of her eye and she smiles and waves to him* hey there Oliver you got a job? need a partner?? *she asks curiously as she carefully gets off the bench seat and dusts her dress off before winding through the crowd of guildmates to the boy she spoke to. Her pink hues wide like a child as she tries to peek at the slip of paper* what it about? *then she notices his attire* oh my...must be an important client~

Andikins: {OO} "And you just happen to be dressed for an occassion like the one I'm getting roped into right?" He sighed and looked up at the ceiling while putting his weight on his cane, "I have to protect the king of all people. Bluh. It's not like I don't want to just with my family history and working with royals? It's never worked out." He handed her the paper for her to read, "Know anyone else who could help out? I need two or three." {OO}

SpiritofMinx:*Minxie blinks and blushes* i guess i look weird. in a shorter dress but my other one needed repears~*she takes the offered paper and reads it over her interest sparking more as she reads about the king* well i am not sure. cant me and you just go and if we need backup we can send for them? i mean its not liek u are weak. and i been working on myself too~ *She hands it back and waits for orders* shall we head out? it'll be a bit of a journey. oh! i almost forgot! *she scurries back to her seat and grabs her bag and brings it over* i got this cool new purse! it can store so much stuff! *She exclaims excitedly as she reaches in and takes out a candy, she hands it to the male wizzard, on the wrapper it says strawberry pop (like a poprock lolipop! i know is awsome~)* here thought you earned a treat~

Andikins: {OO} Taking the candy and looking at it then at the older girl, "Uh thank you?" He was already outside with just her in tow because apprently the two of them were strong enough. As if she were pushing him along, he would just look over his shoulder and speak to her while on the way to the location to get some transportation, "You know this is a high rank mission regardless of what it says on the paper. He probably had it marked down so I could take it? SHouldn't we get some more people? Please?" {OO}

SpiritofMinx:*Minxie walks along with the other happily chatting as they find themselves something to use to get to crystal city. She sighs* i doubt that. we will be fine you should really give yourself more credit. oh! look! theres the magi car rentals! i been saving up for a day like this! *the young mermaid hybrid hurries into the rental place and gets them a not-so-new-but-should-still-run-maybe car* here we go! you drive! *climbs in and awaits the albern haired boy to whisk them away to the kingdom, she's never seen royalty before and she was so excited to see for herself just how awsome and powerful a king was, oh and she wanted to see the fountains at the palace she could view them in her minds eye, sparkly with crisp white marble and shiny stones!

GhostofSenyx: -After months of waiting Rezz had finally gotten notice that his custom made magic motorcycle was readyfor pick up. This wouldnt have been as much an issue getting it but the only place where he could make such an order for a machine like this was all the way down in Aconite Town in the country of Drippinech. So it took Rezz a few days by normal means to get there and get his bike, and what a machine it was. Compaired to other motorcycles this thing was a beast, much larger than a normal one with tires nearly three times as wide ith heavy treads for going over any terrain imaginable plus a few more places one would be nuts to go through. He was riding it back home to Ringvale Hollow to show off the custom paint job, a shimmering black finish with the Ghost Smile emblem on either side in a deep but bright red. It was getting late by the time he reached the border to Ardeter when he decided to make camp for the night and by morning he wasnt quite ready to continue his jorney and left his bike parked by the side of the road as he was just out of sight of it practicing some of his magic arts.-

Andikins: {OO} Sighing and lowering his shoulders while getting into the car, Oliver started the thing up, "You don't get it. It's not that I doubt my skills, I just don't want anyone from my home country knowing what I'm doing up here. Working with royals when it comes to my family is a bad, bad thing. SO the more people the better because less accolades for me and less work to get less attention, it's all mathematics." He pulled out of the lot after the rental was paid for and fumbled with the steering a little before getting a feel for it, "Shouldn't YOU be driving by the way?" {OO}

SpiritofMinx:*Minxie shrugs and enjoys the bumpy ride* well actualy if you want anything for your family to change for the betetr you best make a good name for yourself. i know your not a bad guy. and nope your driving i must fix my hair! *She squeaks and re-braids the long strand of brown locks that lays limply on her shoulder dispite the wind blowing the rest about* this thing better work till we reach the palace! *She grumbles as somehting pop and flies off and out of the side of the vehicle*

Andikins: {OO} After driving for close to an hour, Oliver was left with fuckall about who knows where he and his compatriot were. He just slammed his forehead to the steering wheel and got a long and loud horn blair while he tried to think through the sound of the horn. "How could we have a map that only covered Isvan?! Who does that? At least put a second map or a continental map in there! Bluh!" Honk. Honk. HOnk. Honk. He just banged his head against the horns while thinking and starting to drive again, trying to find the nearest town and get some directions. He just so happened to pull up to the same town Rezz was in but wasn't aware of it until he saw a cycle with the ghost smile guild symbol on it! "Rezz! My boy! What're you doing out here?" {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -As Rezz was off road practicing a few techniques of sword and spell he couldnt help but overhear the sound of a car horn being constantly pounded upon in a most annoying manner. Wiping his forehead he went back to the road to see what was going on and spotted Oliver from Demon howl and someone else he didnt recognize in a magic mobile stoped nearby and just as Rezz came into view Oliver was already calling out to him. "Well well Oliver Oxford, what brings you all the way out here? You providing some kind of escort for your friend there?"

Andikins: {OO} "Nah mate, mission up at the royal part of Crsytal City or some other. All I know is I don't want to do it with just Minx here. Mission called for a group of three or four. What about you?" {OO}

SpiritofMinx:*Minxie finishes braiding her ahri and gets off the rickedy mobile car, She joins the two males as they chat* nice to meet you sir. im minxie spirito from the demon howl guild~ i specialize in water make magic~ *She introduces herself cheerfuly and then notices the bike* oh my!! look at this!! *She hurries over and without touching it looks it over, hands balled up under her chin and eyes sparkling as she swoons over the sexy beast* its so cool! does it run on magic?! oohohohhh how did you aford it!!! *She exclaims happily, Shiny guild emblem catching her eye as she tilts her head* ohhh that red is fantastic!

GhostofSenyx: "Crystal City huh? You know I was just up there not long ago for a job and theres definately something going on at the palace, if you need help I can join you I'm inbetween jobs at the moment myself." He turns to the girl now oggling his new bike with great enthusiasm and chuckles slightly at how energetic she is. No wonder Oliver wanted some extra hands, this water wizard probably has so much energy she wears him ut with her enthusiasm and just needs a break from time to time. "Thanks and yeah I just picked it up, commisioned its make over a month ago and its finally ready. It runs with either using the S.E. plug or by an internal lacrema battery. SHe rides like a dream and can go just about anywhere." Rezz walks back to his bike and sits on it hooking himself to the S.E. plug and fires it up. The engine running loud and he revs it a few times so she can hear it purr. "What do you say we get going then? The sooner we get there the sooner we get the job done."

Andikins: {OO} Hopping back into the rental car, Oliver called over to Rezz, "You lead the way, the damn map they gave us is incomplete!" He stuffed the thing back into the glove box while signalling to Minxie, "Come on then. We should get there before nightfall at least. Still can't believe the king asked for me directly. With my luck this is likely some elaborate trap from someone back home right?" {OO}

SpiritofMinx:*minxie sighs dreamely at the sound her knees shaking as she gets snapped out of her stooper by her partner calling* ah..r-right yes! lets go~ *She hurries back to the car and hops on, buckles in and gets ready for more of their bumpy trip to the palace. as they drive down the various roads and trails she couldnt help but stare at the motercycle, it was a beauty. She almost ognored her partner as she daydreams* i wish i had an awsome vehicle some dayyy~ *her ponderings bring up an image of a jellyfish that would fly her anywhere*

GhostofSenyx: "I doubt its a trap for you, heres some weird things going on at the palace. But yeah I'll lead, hope that junker of yours can keep up cause im sittin on some serious power." Rezz cranks down on the accelerator and spins the large back tire kicking up some dirt and dust before riding off with Oliver and minx in his wake as he heads down the road and to the royal city. Rezz occasionally checks his mirrir to see Oliver keeping up with him as they go on their uneventful trip to Crystal City. They were able to make it to the city just before nightll and the sun strained to stay above the horizon when they finally made it to the inn for them to check in for the night and start their job fresh in the morning. Rezz dismounted his bike and locked the ignition taking the key to start it with him as they headed inside looking for a room to rent.-

Andikins: {OO} One uneventful car ride later, Oliver pulled a stop near the inn with Rezz, having fallen behind no less than five times in the slow junker that he was driving with Minx in it. When he stopped the car he sighed and grabbed his cane, dredging himself out of the vehicle, "Weird things are the worst things to be going on at a palace man! Do you know why? Cause weird powerful stuff is kept inside palaces which attracts weird incidents!" {OO}

KanedaSoturi: As the three pulled up outside the inn, the heavy wood front door burst open to eject a very loud pair of very drunk young men, being chased by a rather fat older woman in a serving woman's uniform, a gray dress and white apron with pockets. The men escaped, leaving the woman to puff her way back over to the inn, then sit on the stone steps that led up to the door, removing a pipe with a long stem and a small bowl from her apron, then filling it with a mixture of brown leaves and lighting it with a match. This would result in a rather Snorlax-like obstacle, as she sat right in front of the door.

SpiritofMinx:*minxie sighs as she gets out of the vehicle and stretches herself with arms over her head, she then relaxes with a slow exhale and looks around the parking lot and up to the fat lady on the stairs*...really? the bahemoth had to sit there...*She whispers under her breath and talks up to the stairs* good evening ma'am~ *she politely greets the woman and makes a plan to get around her. She tries to measure with ehr eyes the room she had between the wide girth of the woman and the stair's rail* i hope you dont see me as rude miss...but could u by any chance scooch over a tiny bit i need to get up the stairs~ *She blushes and plays with ehr purse as she waits, if the lady doesnt move then she would move her by force, but not too forcefully*

Andikins:{OO} With literally nothing to do but watch as the gargantuan woman sit down in front of the only way inside, Oliver raised his cane up overhead, "Maybe there's another entrance? I'll look around, you two try talking to her." Oliver went off toward the right to explore around the entirey of the inn, looking for any secondary entrances in the event that this woman smoking her sweet herbs was a common thing to happen and block people from getting in or out. {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz watched as the whale of a woman threw out the two rowdy ones as he waited for Oliver to finish parking his rental. "Alright Oliver we'll see if we cant get in this way then." He walked up next to the young water wizard and noticed her shimering scales, no wonder she used water magic she looks like she has some fish in her. He crossed his arms as he waited for the woman to move but was getting impatient as hed been on the road the last couple days and wanted to bed down in a real bed. "C'mon lady, you heard her. We're wizards from Ghost Smile and Demon Howl and need some rest before we can start our job here."

KanedaSoturi: The woman simply farted, resulting in a horrid smell like decaying shit and human remains, at first not registering that she had heard them. Then she opened her eyes, grunted and stood, shuffling up to the door of the inn and opening it for them. Inside could be seen a largely wooden bar area, which held a cooking fire, tables and a service counter, as well as what seemed to be a group of locals inside drinking. The smell of roasting pork and other meats wafted through the open door, awaiting the three to enter.

SpiritofMinx:*Minxie walks up , holding her breath until she enters the establishment* thankyou. *She says simply and makes her way in to find where they were to get the keys, she wonders if she should have double beds in a single room or if she should be a big girl and sleep in her own room* i hate desisions~ *She mutters and sits at the bar. the mermaids gut growling as she sighs* food....can i get some soup pleaseeee??

Andikins: {OO} Eventually, Oliver returned and instantly held his nose shut to prevent the smell from getting to him, declaring to his compatriots, "There's no second entrance." When they got inside, he took in a deep breath of fresh air and sighed with relief, figuring to get some bread and soup as well. "I could go for a grilled cheese and tomato soup right about now. How nice of you to pay for us for the night Rezz." He gave the Ghost Smile wizard a friendly pat on the back while making his way to the small eatery within the establishment. {OO}

GhostofSenyx: Rezz held his breath as he walked in the inn and sat at the bar with the others. He rolled his eyes and grunted lightly as he got roped into fitting the bill for the inn but he figured he could write it off in his expence report when he got back to the guild and ordered something to eat as well. "I'll take some of that ham i smell cooking with some bread and a half pint of ale to wash it down with thanks." He also arranged for them to have seperate rooms as the double occupancy ones have been filled already and set some money on the bar to pay for the meals and rooms. As they waited for their food Rezz turned to the others as he waited. "So this is what i know about whats going on around here. I was here with one of my guilds new bloods for a cooking gig and it turned out the castle steward was replaced by some monster who may or may not have been trying to kill the king, not totally sure but i think it planned on us adding some poison herbs to a meal we had cooked for the king. We killed it of course but if theres still some threat that the king needs some added muscle we might be up against some kind of assassins guild."

KanedaSoturi: The serving girl, a young thing that looked to be about 12, nodded timidly, going off to fetch the mages' food. As they waited, the fat woman walked past and cropdusted them, making the cooking fire flare momentarily as they talk amongst themselves about their mission. A shifty-eyed man watches Minxie's rear from a far table as the fat woman slams 3 keys to separate rooms on the counter and waddles back outside, presumably to smoke.

Guest_19eixnim: *Minx's eyebrow twitches and she takes her keys* its rude to fart on your guests and if you do it again i swear ill shove a water bullet so far up your fat ass that you wont shit for amonth! *She waits for her food and takes it with her to her room, Her temper was extremely lowered as she had been farted on twice. She walks into her room and puts the plate down on her nighttsand before getting undressed for some bathing time. She brings her soup into the bathroom and gets a bath running* stupid fat whales...stay in the ocean...

Andikins: {OO} "Okay that's exactly what I meant." He spoke while holding his nose again so that his voice was coming out comically. "Big fancy palace means big freaky incidents like that. What else would you expect? And why can't he get some help from the Rune Knights if it's such a problem?" {OO}

GhostofSenyxGhostofSenyx Whisper: "Something like this is what you would call a gray area, even though its for the kingdom its not within the rune knights juristiction to act as body gaurds like this." Rezz speaks between mouthfulls of ham and ale. "If we can figure out whos behind it all like if it is a dark guild then the rune knights will step in as it would be an act of sedision against the kingdom, and even then its likely some of the local guilds may be called upon to protect the masses or hunt down rouge elements if it does come to that." Rezz finished his meal and took his key from the bar and went up to his room, he locked the door behind him and floped on the bed. He stared at the rikety ceiling for a while listening to the sounds of the night before falling asleep for the night.-

KanedaSoturi: The fat woman spoke up from a chair as Rezz walked off. "Oi, lad! You want summin' to warm your bed tonight?" She grinned lasciviously, showing all of her 3 teeth as she giggled, grabbing the young serving girl by the arm and turning to Oliver. "I don't think you can handle this, kid." She cackled, fondling her own breast in a hideous parody of something sexy. "This one's more you're speed, what d'ya say? Thousand jewel to crack this girl's honeypot? kweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehehehehe--" her gurgly giggling was cut short by a horrid, racking cough, accompanied by a loud fart and a squidgy sound as she soiled herself. The girl started to cry, attempting to squirm away.

SpiritofMinx:*Minxie relaxes in her tub, eating her soup happily, the steam filling the bathroom as she washes herself, bubbles sticking to her full breasts, some bubbles in her hair as well* yum yum bath and soup!! happy fishy~~

Andikins: {OO} Grimmacing and with a sigh, Oliver picked up his cane and aimed it at the woman, "While I appreciate the offer. I am not of age for anything like that yet unless your vision is going cloudy. As for the little one there, please let her go before my temper boils over. This is Oliver Oxford, Slayer of Slayers, talking here." He decided to throw his title around for once and try to get the point across that he was in no mood for anything like this. He just wanted his damn cheese sandwich and soup. {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -As Rezz lay in his bed still awake he thought he heard Oliver downstairs overinflating his ego to threaten someone. Since he couldn't sleep just yet he decided to go back downstairs to see what was going on. Rezz made it about half way down the steps when he saw the scene that had unfolded, the fat woman was cackling and by the smell had shit herself and was roughly holding the serving girl making her cry. "Hey whale-bitch, let her go or youre in for a wolrd of pain." Rezz's tone was cold and filled with malice, his eyes were also glowing vivdly with anger as well.-

KanedaSoturi: The fat woman blinked in surprise--she obviously hadn't thought the kid with the cane to be moral by any stretch. She grumbled and shuffled off, leaving the girl to fetch his soup and sandwich, which she brought to the mage with a small, whispered "Thank you" and a furtive glance around her, making sure the large woman was nowhere in sight, before darting off and hiding in the shadows.

SpiritofMinx:*Minxie continues her bath happily for a while before getting sleepy, She gets out of the bathtub and wraps a towel around herself. Taking the empty bowl into the main room she would put it on the bedside stand and get on her jammies, the mermaid was so tired from the hot water that she barely made it under the covers before she was completely conked out cold*

GhostofSenyx: -The fat woman let go the girl and waddled off to who knows where and to hopefully change her bloomers as theyre most likey filled with crap. Rezz lingered on the stairs a while longer till he knew for sure she was gone and went back to his room. He sat a while and read from his book, hed make a mental note to himself that if the king id come under attack to not use his poison magic and stick with just the shadow slayer powers he as still more skilled with. He read until the candle at the small table in his room went out and put his book away so that he could get some sleep. In his dreams he gleamed flashes of the facility where he grew up at, it was as if his mind was searching for the other slayer he recently encountered but the only people he ever saw there were the ones who ran the operations and they wore surgical masks so all he ever saw of their faces were their eyes.-

Andikins: {OO} FInishing his mealand thanking the girl wherever she went, Oliver left a note to put it on Rezz' tab while he made his way upstairs and turned in for the night, not having much else to do but wait for the next day and get out and early. {OO}

SpiritofMinx:*MInxie wakes after a good nights sleep. her mood back to her hyper bubbly self. She packs up her pj'd and changes back to her sparkly dress from before. black silk with shiny diamond beads. She gets her heels on nad heads out the door to return her keys and meet with ehr partner and the other male from ghost smile. All she rememebrs of him was his bike and the name rez. yep. but that the bike was still peaking her interest. she loved shiny things. She walks into the bar area and puts her room key on the counter before leaving the main area to wait by the vehicles. it was tunring out to be another beautiful sunny day, afew clouds slowly flowing down the air currents seemed to be lazy in theyr crawl across the horizon. The mermaid sighs and sits in her seat in the car and watches them as she waits for the others*

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz woke feeling refreshed but his mind lingered on his dreams as he got washed up and dressed. as he went downstairs to check out he was givena tab from the bartender that Oliver tried setting up under his name. Rezz showed that he was in a different guild than Oliver and that he could cover his own tb and not have wizards from another guild pay for his stay, the barkeep nodded in agreement and headed upstairs to bang on Olivers door demanding money owed. Rezz chuckled to himself as he went out to where they had parkeed and saw Minxie to already be there and waiting, he put his things back in the cargo space of the bike and sat upon it waiting for Oliver to join them so they could head for the castle and start their job.-

Andikins: {OO} While Oliver was one to try and be upstanding, he was quite serious about Rezz' tab. Considering that most of his paycheck went to upkeep of the Demon Howl guild hall thanks to the raging alcoholic parties that his guildmaster threw. He was up extra early and all ready, even sneaking his way outside through the window before the bartender came to bang on his door. Coming from a family line where paying for things wasn't commonplace, Oliver was good at avoiding a bill. He was in the car, feet kicked back and reclining as he waited for Rezz and Minx, "Howdy. Nice of you to show up. Didja pay the tab?" {OO}

Guest_19eixnim: *MInxie greets the other with a frown* Oliver you know you should have payed yourself...if the guildmaster gets mad at you it aint my fault~ *She buckles up and awaits their ride. She wonders if they will be camping again or if they will actualy arrive at the palace. her ponderings return to the palaces wide courtyard and what she hoped would have a large guarden and fountains. she could last in this daydream for hours. Minxie peeks over to her partner* oliver do you think these assassins will be all that powerful? *She questions curious as to what his thoughts are on these criminals*

GhostofSenyx: "I payed my tabyes, I'm not paying yours, if you cant afford to stay at an in you should camp out" Rezz fired up his bike and started down the road, arriving at the castle after a short trip with the others trying to keep up with him Once therehe walked up to the gate gaurds and introduced himself and explained why he was here and that the others should be arriving any second to follow them to where they needed to go for this assignment.-

Andikins: {OO} "I'm the one that should be mad at her. I have to put my pay towards repairing the guild because she spends all of hers on metals and booze. Though I should just have them send the bill to her next time huh?" He retorted to Minx while starting up the car with a yawn. "It's like I said, I can't afford it because I have to pay for most of the guild's repairs! Our leader seriously needs some counseling or AA." When he drove off behind Rezz, they got there in a relative short while, arriving to the scene of Rezz not getting in, "Hey don't be a clod Rezz. This mission was in my name remember? It's okay lads, he's with me. Oliver Oxford." He stood up in the car and waved his signature cane around to show that he was the real deal before sitting back down and looking over at Minx, "And now we wait." {OO}

Nym10: =Aleyeana gently plays a up-bringing melody to bolster the mood of those guarding the Gates to the Crystal City, enlightening the mood of the guards from their regualr sour dispostion so that they forget themselves as the bard plays her violin rather furiously. The melody dancing across the stone fortress walls, before descending and swirling through the atmosphere. As she plays the song's final chorus, she notices that several of her guildmates are approaching in the distant and she grins rather slyishly before softly finishing her song with a rising climatic crescendo as she yells out to her fellow guildmates.= "About bloody time you lot got here... ah've been waiting for a while now." 

MoonPhoxx: Avalon stretched as she pushed herself off of the wall she had been leaning against not to far from where Aleyeana and how someone with easter egg purple hair could hide in what little shadow there had been there would be a mystry to most who didn't know her well or hadn't really met her as she'd been away from the guild for so long. She brushed at her bangs flipping them out of her oddly colored eyes, "What do you mean about time? I've been here for an hour or so at least, nice playing by the way." she turned her head to see which guild mates were coming along on this little protection detail job her hands brushing at the dark material of her pants removing what looked to be glitter from her person as it floated to the stone walk she stood on. She turned to look up at the wall she had been leaning against, the wall to the Crystal City, that made her smile, sounded like her kind of place all things considered.

KanedaSoturi: The guards simply grunted in annoyance, initially halting the group's progress past the gate, but allowing them to pass through as Oliver waved them off. Inside the gates was what seemed to be a completely different world--everything was glass, even the buildings were made from large frosted glass bricks. The steward, a rather tall, thin man dressed in the loud shades of blue that identified him as a royal servant, awaited them in the rather large square beyond the gate. Once the group reached him, he began his explanation, having seen Oliver's face and assuming the others were with him. "Good afternoon, and welcome to all of you...though I hope this will only be a cautionary measure." He cleared his throat before continuing. "Our King has received many threats from an unknown source, and these have said they will strike tonight. Unfortunately, I have no warning to give you, no hint about what's to come..." He motioned for them to follow him as he walked to the castle. Assuming they followed him, he continued on. "This group is very secretive--none of our spies has heard a thing. You'll be stationed in the throne room, and one or more of you will accompany His Majesty should he leave there." They reached the castle then, and the steward stops abruptly to await the doors opening.

Guest_19eixnim: *Minxie Listens idily to the others as she assesses the surroundings, she was in awe of the kingdom, it was more then she could have dreamed, the glass everywhere made things so shiny!!* wow!! alright im ready to work!! *She says and puts her fist in the air as she cheers* bring it on!!! no meanie assassins gonna take us out no way! *She skips along as they are introduced to the place and infromed of the happenings*

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz quietly followed along and kept a good eye on both the surroundings and on the steward, making sure he was the real deal and not an imposter like he was last time he was here. Although it was unlikely for anyone to try the same trick twice so soon. He nodded at the other new Demon Howl members who joined them and wondered how strong they were if Oliver wanted him here to help in the first place or if he even knew they would be here waiting. No matter thoughwork was work in Rezz'z mind and any extra help would be welcomed for something like this.-

Andikins: {OO} Two other members from his guild had arrived and been there waiting for him, "Oh what in the bloody hell are you two doing here? ANd how did you even know we'd be here?" He bashed his head against the steering wheel, relieved that others were here so that the fame could be split five ways instead of three, which meant less attention for himself. Following the steward after having parked and turned off the car, Oliver listened to what he had to say and rested his cane over his shoulders and behind his neck. "So tell me about these guys, is there any consistency to their attacks or is this the first time? Cause who would be dumb enough to telegraph their attack? {OO}

Nym10: =Aleyeana instantly feels an overwhelming sense of dread come over her as they approach the castle, as she see's the entire place is made of glass. Knowing full well that almost all her spells involve the use of loud sounds, she immediately feels the need to ask the stewardess.= "Um... sorry to ask this but are the buildings made of normal glass or are they magically altered to not break ... I only ask because I cast spells using music and sounds ... and I don't want to accidently destroy the castle by casting the wrong spell."

MoonPhoxx: Avalon was in awe, in fact she looked like a little kid in a candy store as she was practically bouncing like a toddler who had spotted thier first pony. She nearly squealed moving towards a wall as they followed the steward her fingers trailing along the smooth 'stones' and where her fingers touched what looked to be rainbow ripples flowed from them fading as they moved outward away from her, "No worries, I can hold this together no problem..... this is beautiful..... I think I'm in love..." she sighed closing her eyes as she walked and yet oddly didn't bump into anything a small smile playing on her lips, this was a perfect place for her to be, her magic could run through this entire place the very walls could be used as eyes and ears for her.

KanedaSoturi: The steward chuckled at the two girls' reactions as the doors opened and they resumed walking. "The glass in this enclosure is far too thick to be broken by sound--at least, not sound waves at any level you can produce." They walked through the castle, past swarms of serving men and women in the same blue. "So far as consistency...well, I'm really not sure. I haven't heard anything of any previous attack...but then, I haven't been in my post long, just got moved up recently after some...rather nasty business of a different nature." They reached the doors to the throne room then (this castle is not a terribly hard thing to find one's way around) and gestured for the guards to open the door to admit them. As they did so, he addressed the group one last time: "Good luck to you all. I hope you all come through this alive." With that, he made a gesture obviously meaning they should enter the throne room, and scurried off as another servant announced the group.

Guest_19eixnim: *Minxie listens still her hyperness toning down as she starts to realize the situation as more then just a fantasy. She fixes her dress and hair before they enter the throne room. She walks gracefully as she is announced. her cheeks dusted with a light pink as she bows respectfuly* demon howl and ghost smile guilds at your service m'lord. I do hope we can all get along~ *She says and stands to the side, she waits for the others to join her, she didnt know what else to say the presance of royalty somehow makes her want to hides behind the lavished glass wall, she starts to think up a plan for sensory types of the group, thinking she would bring up the idea after everyone was ready*

GhostofSenyx: -Walking in alongside the others Rezz bows lightly leaning to the side a bit to display his guild mark. "Rezz Kain of Ghost Smile at your service once more, you can put your mind at ease your highness. With all of us here now the threat that is bothering you will be dealt with soon." He walked over and leaned against the wall standing with his foot in one of the shadows cast by a nearby sculpture and used it as a conduit to see through other shadows to look for anything suspiscious.-

Andikins: {OO} "Aley, Avalon: you two still haven't answered my question. How'd you two know we were here already? The mission paper was addressed to me specifically." He TRIED to get the attention of his guildmates, wanting to know if they rifled through his personal mail or something. But that would have to wait as they were all introducing themselves to the king and Oliver still with his cane over his shoulders. When it came his turn to ingratiate himself to the big guy, he just looked around and had to ask, "This place must heat up like crazy in the Summertime huh? I'm Oliver, the one you sent for Big Guy." He addressed the king as Big Guy to denote that he knew he was being requested here, and that there wasn't any need for him to be here other than to increase relations, but he had a relaxed means of talking to the king instead of acting like the king was almighty. Because let's face it, if you have so many attempts on your life, you're a pretty shitty leader to have this many people hating you, or you're doing such a great job people just want to bring you down. The life of a celebrity (whether good or bad) was hard and sometimes you just want to be a normal person that isn't getting attacked on a day to day basis you know? {OO}

Nym10: "Oh thank fuck.... that could've been dreadfully embarrassing had I literally brought down the house with single spell." =She says as she feels all the stress she ad previously been feeling disappear as the giant knot in her stomach disappear as she hears Oliver asking her a question.= "Oh the guildmaster told me to come here and wait for some other guildmembers.... don't know the job just was told to join you all." =She says as she bows to the king before her sitting on his rather impressive gold throne with metallic decorations adorning it's back.= "Aleyeana De’lolith Dianaes, bardic mage extraordinaire at your service, Lord." =She says the last bit as she stands up and poses rather eliquently for the briefest of seconds before returning to a neutral yet regal pose, her hand held fast against her violin and it's bow.=

MoonPhoxx: Avalon grins at Oliver, "I hear and see aaaaalll..." she spoke in a fake mysterious voice just because she could be odd like that, after all half the time she didn't get peoples idioms anyway, "I'm just here as back up actually, and be glad lets hope I don't have to hold this place together becuase it'd seriously not be fun." She went silent as they neared the king to whom they were to introduce themselves to. When it was her turn she stepped forward and dropped into a rather graceful curtsie despite not being a female wearing a dress, "Avalon D'Fae, S class mage of Demon Howl." She kept her introduction short and sweet, standing straight again she moved off to the side nearer to Rezz than the others after all she was the back up, her hand quested back slightly so that she was touching the glass her magic flowing from her fingertips into the very walls of the castel seeking and learning all that she could find out much as Rezz was doing with his own magic. Now all there was to do was learn of their mission and wait to see what happened.

KanedaSoturi: "Very good, very good...I thank you all for coming." the King of Crystal City was a rather portly man, which came with his office. " Demon Howl has two musicians? What's the other one...Allen? Alien? Hrmph, no matter." He gestured for one of his servants to refill his drink, waving a gold goblet in her general direction. Suddenly, the doors flew open, knocking several other servants to the floor. "Now, just what is this?" the King demanded as a huge, burly man in an innkeeper's apron strode in angrily, gliding quickly over to Oliver and making to grab him by the collar of his shirt and lift him, then spoke, his voice comin out like an angry bark. "Boy! No one skips out on me, you'll pay what you owe, or I'll take the cost out in blood!" The man growled, pulling out a knife covered in red stains, which could be either blood or rust.

Guest_19eixnim: *Minxie sighs as the room is interupted by an angry elephant man with an apron. she steps infront of the male to close of his way to ehr partener* excuse me sir, you are barging in on a important mission here and your creating a disterbance. *She says like a mother talking to her child that has eaten desert before dinner* i would ask you kinda to stop threatening my partner. put the damned pencil away before i give you something to cry about. *She may be small, covered in his shadow but the fire in her eyes was that of a raging ocean storm and anyone who dares dify her wishes will be send to the depths below the raging waves* Now...are you gonna be a good boy and follow me outside to tlak this over...or do i have to remove you myself sir~

Andikins: {OO} Sighing as well, Oliver pointed his cane over his shoulder at the guy and gave him a look, "Send the bill to Demon Howl and we'll pay with interest. Or you can wait for me to save your king so I can get paid and then give you a portion of that. It's simple math really. Now please, just--kindly go sod off ya tosser." Turning back to the king and outright ignoring the bartender, "Apologies Big Guy, a little short in my wallet, do you think I could get an advance for the pay to pay off this surly man here?" {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz just shook his head and sighed as the inn keeper tracked them down and demanded that Oliver pay his tab. "Fool" Rezz muttered under his breath and closed his eyes again while he continued to peer through the shadows His facial expressions changing depending what he saw, some good things, some boring stuff and a few things he rather not have seen. Aside from the daily life of the castle nothing was out of the ordinary just yet so he stoped looking for now and kept his focus here and would survey the castle shadows again after while.-

Nym10: =Grins madly as she plays a melody to hopefully defuse the situation and make the angry bull of a man calm down enough to solve this debacle without any need for any extra violence.= "You really don't want to fight here buddy.... the king is standing right there and I doubt you'd be able to talk your way out of harming someone he just hired... I doubt that would go over well buddy." =She says as she softly dances about as she continues playing the same song that is rather infectious and joyous.=

MoonPhoxx: Avalon just sighed at the antics of not only her guild but another as well, she had to keep herself form banging her head on the wall really. Everyone was trying to defuse the situation and either coming off as pushy or rude, just lovely, their guild was going to get a bad name at this rate as they were in front of the king. She flicked her fingers towards the man and a small stream of glitter flowed from them collecting as it neared the man. Within the bubble, which was really one of her crystals, was a small velvet looking bag and within that bag was a nice little sum of money more than enough to settle any tab that could have been run. She smiled warmly at the angry tender, "That should more than cover the tab sir, I apologise for my guild mates rudeness, but as you can plainly see we are in attendence of your monarch. What I would like to know is how you were able to barge in here the way you have as we had to go through guards and a steward." her hand never left the wall behind her as what had been warm and friendly eyes turned rather cool and sharp as a good portion of her attention focused on the bartender after all this was a mission of protection and that made her instantly more weary as the last time she wasn't weary enough she ended up with the 'sunburn' of a lifetime.

KanedaSoturi: The large man grunted in confusion at this strange girl that stepped in his way--then nearly fell over at the sight of a floating money pouch near his head. He backs away from it, almost fearfully. "And just what the hell kind of magic is that?" he sputtered as he took the coin pouch, ducking his head lightly in respect with a "Cheers, cousin." before he bolted out of the room, crystalline glass doors slamming shut behind him. The king sighed, shook his head and attempted to adjust his doublewide frame in his throne, really accomplishing only looking like a wriggling walrus, elegant mustache and all. Red-faced, he breathed heavily before he spoke. "Well then. The servants are normally better at stopping matter, he's likely found the side way in." He moved his hand in a forward motion, prompting one of the better-dressed servants to hand small parchments containing maps to Oliver and Rezz with entry points. The servant spoke to them as he did so. "You all know that the utmost care is to be taken when protecting His Majesty. Keep your eyes on entrances, sewers, the loo, any way in." The man then stepped back, allowing the mages privacy to work out their plan.

Guest_19eixnim: *Minixe watches the scene unfold almost deflaiting as the man takes the money and scurries away like a weezle*...well..that was boring...*She sighs and turns towards oliver, moving to his side she would look over the map* I can watch the water ways. *she suggests and points to the lines at key points* here. here . and here. are the joining points of the water systems ill split myself up and take charge of those and all the waterways from those points. *she reaches into her bag and fiddles around for a while before finding a potion that will keep her energy high. The mermaid waits for the rest to hatch their plans before making a move to find her post*

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz takes the map and looks it over carefully, noting the section Minxie plans to watch. "Ill head for the back of the castle where supplies are brought into. If someone were to sneak in it would make a good access point and i can watch the area unseen unless someone objects." He waits if anyone thinks they want to join or replace him there and see were else the others want to go before he heads that way. "Does anyone here have some way for us to co-ordinate our efforts incase something happens or should one of us ake rounds between our positions?"

Andikins: {OO} "Can we just break down one of the entrances? Make it harder to sneak in? I mean it would make snese to break all but one and then rebuild after all of this is settled." He had a point, a destructive and intuitive point, but it was still a point. "I suggest that we either destroy or seal up all access points but one of them. Then we position ourselves accordingly along the one path that is left and stagger ourselves to weakenthem as they make their way to the throne room." He folded up his map and pointed in the direction of one of the more obscure exits, "Know what? That's what we're doing! We have a few hours before sundown, and we can seal up any possible entrance. So as the official team leader, I say we get to barricading and sealing." {OO}

Nym10: "I can easily stand guard over the king during his day to day standing next to him... what king doesn't like having a bard next to them?" =Aleyeana asks as she notices that out of everyone of her fellow guildmates, she is the only one that could easily hide herself in-plainsight beside the king to protect him.= "Just saying no one would expect a violin player to be a wizard... would they?" =She asked as she pulled her violin out and lightly played a little tune for the king to hear.=

MoonPhoxx: Avalon pushes away from the wall one hand raising until it was near her wait level palm up, "I can create communication crystals, they are simple to use and will keep us all in contact with each other." above her palm a few small crystals formed each about the size of a small marble, the crystal the crystals that hung from her neck and ears glowed softly for a moment before the crystals floated away from her each coming to a stop in front of one of her team mates, "They run off of my crystals so even if I'm taken out you will have a few hours use of them to communicate. As for the acess points I can take care of most of them if you want," she reached out to pat the wall almost lovingly, "Now I know why I was sent here, I can morph this stuff it conducts my magic beautifuly, but I'll be pretty much useless while I'm holding everything closed until you give the order for me to release the spells. If Rezz can use his abilities to help me keep watch I can also act as an early warning system by using the palace walls themselves to see what's coming at us." she paused, "After I release a spell this size I'll probably be disoriented and maybe a little weak, any ideas who can watch my back?" she frowned wishing for her partner, Cerise would be perfect for her to have here to watch her back but... apparently she wasn't along on this mission.

KanedaSoturi: The servant stepped forward and cleared his throat. :I can keep watch, if you'll permit me. I can't use magic, but I'm fair with a sword." He looked over to the king, who simply motioned for them to go. "It seems His Majesty approves of your plan. Do be careful, though...try not to break any walls." he smiled and stepped back a pace, awaiting a reply.

Guest_19eixnim: *Minxie pushes her palms together, creating a circle as her finger tips curl and touch, bubbles made of water start to float out of the circle the size of basket balls* take these with you, when u find your spots these will drop onto the ground. makes it easier for me to transport to you if yah need medical treatment. *she bubbles flaot to each person and one even drops behind the throne* thankyou for the crystals~ i shall use mine well~ *she smiles and nods* alright lets start~ *She waits for the crystal magic user to start closing off the entrances, while that happens she will punch her right hand in a fist ontop of her left open palm. her pointer finger straightening as she summons her water pistols* water make! dual pistols! *Water shoots out of the magic circle that opens at the end of her extended didget. The blackete smiles and takes hold of the guns that seem to be made of water yet solid ad steel* ready~

GhostofSenyx: "That sounds like a good plan...Avalon is it? I can watch your back well enough and help you coordinate everyone. We should set up here then and direct everyone as needed, Aleyeana you and the kings servant stick with with the king incase he needs to go off somewhere while we watch for intruders." Rezz does his best to direct the group as he once did when he was a rune knight, seems some old habbits die hard and come back when least expected. The real shock there is even when he had to give orders he was the first to break off from his own plan which always resulted in him getting some kind of disciplinary action against him and another week in the brig. But that was a long time ago and Rezz isn't the same as he used to be and is much better off without the uniform. So now if everyone did as was planed it would just be a waiting game until something happens.- 

Andikins: {OO} As time went by with everyone doing their part, and Oliver actually busting one of the entrances down entirely through the sewers, everything was going according to plan as they moved and coordinated out throughout the large castle during the time that went by. As the sun started to wane on in the horizon, Oliver returned to the throne room where he would wait for everyone to return. Though he spent some time preparing for a battle field by chipping away at some of the large glass pillars in the throne room. The sound could be heard throughout the hallway as he just shooed off any servants that tried to stop him with the excuse of "Not now, trap work, life saving, stuff." When he was done and everyone was collected (that is when everyone returned to the throne room to prepare for the attack), he would gather up the group and have a roundtable discussion with them about their plan. "So with the front door open, we can have two or three prongs of defense. One in the courtyard where we can try to weaken them with two of us, though if we find ourselves being overwhelmed, those two can make a retreat to the main hallway. The mainhallway would be our second line of defense for long-ranged specialists to barrage them while they came in and having two more likely to back up the two runners and then form up for four while backtracking toward the throne room. The throne room will be our last line of defense. In here we all will be grouped and spread out evenly, trying to gaude them into one on one fights. Then we can commence our duels and drift closer to one another for quick temporary combined efforts until we knock them off one by one. At that point it's about gauging who needs the most help and picking them off from weakest to strongest. Sound good guys?" {OO}

Nym10: =Aleyeana would listen in and question why he wanted them to do a pronged attack instead of just trapping the assassian sodd so he can be interrogated by the party here, and despite the advice of Rezz there.= "Well I'd be at an odd place for that strategy as I can be both a close-ranged and long-ranged fighter depending one what the situation needs... and I'm also a sorta- support class mage ... just saying I'd be an odd-ball in that little plan of yours, Oliver." =Aleyeana would say as she pulls out all her instruments and places them in their specific holsters she has all across her body, her Taiko drumsticks firmly held against her forearms, her guitar on her back and her ocarina on her right thigh.=

MoonPhoxx: Avalon nodded at Rezz, "That's me, or Ava if you prefer." she turned and walked through the nearst door to find a empty spot where she could touch the crystal of the palace. If Rezz followed her that was fine if not what she had to do wouldn't take long, she would find a spot in a corner where she could sit, indian style with her back against the wall her hands moving to press one palm against the floor the other against a wall. Closing her eyes everyone in the palace would see anything of that crystal glow like a million rainbows for a moment then ripple as any opening to the outside from doors to windows to very cracks was sealed. It looked as if the glass just decided to shift melting together into a solid thick and hardened sheet, reaching up to wipe sweat from her face she stood and moved towards the meeting spot standing off to one side, "I can stay nearest the throne room, I can encase the room in hardened crystal as a last resort to protect the king. But I'm going to go on watch duty and strengthen the walls, the more they have to work to get in the more tired they shall be when facing us." she moved off to a shadowed corner of the throne room and sat against the wall again spreading her magic through the castel so she could watch for the enemy the crystal glowing at her throat so that she would be able to communicate if everyone decided to split up again.

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz hung by Ava as she performed her spells and stood watch nearby, their plan was solid but something about it was nagging him in the back of his mind that he couldnt quite figure just yet. Afew hours passed with with no sign of an intruder and castle life flowed as it usually did. He was starting to wonder if the information they had was as solid as they believed it to be thats when something definately was wrong. The throne room fell undera heavy obscure mist and it put Rezz on gaurd as he heard some manic laughter desending upon them. A few gurgled screams could be heard within the throne room as some of the servants came under attack. Rather than be vulnerable and unable to see through the mist Rezz droped down in his shadow form and moved rapidly across the floor in a serpentine pattern scouring for signs of the assassin. Thats what was nagging at him, their plan was to keep someone out but they didnt account for if the assassin was already inside and now there was no quick way to get the king out if needed. They played right into their enemies hands like this and now their numbers didnt count for much. Rezz kept circling the room using his keen ears to try to find the source of the laughter but the echoing crystal made it difficult for him, he'd need this mist cleared before he could do anything more usefull than he already was.-

Andikins: {OO} Oliver sighed out an audible groan of frustration. "Of fuckin course you'd be here already!" He called out from the mist as he spun his cane around with great furor and a flash of light and a burst of wind sent some of the mist away from his person. "Can't believe I gotta use this damn thing." ALmost with a hint of an accent, Oliver was attempting to use a new form of magic. His scarf changed to a bandito style poncho and his top changed into a vest with half arm length leather gloves. His pants changed and had cutouts near the ankles to make maneuvring in the new boots he had much easier. he even had a wide brimmed had that was almost as wide as his shoulders. The biggest change was that his cane had elongated, thickened, and increased in power being nearly quarter of times taller than Oliver himself. Now he held a large musket that loosely resembled his cane and the hook acting as the butt of the musket. "One Armed Bandit style." He swung the massive thing around a couple of times, trying to disperse the mist before his gun gathered enough magical energy for five shots. "Full House." He shot five times straight up into the air, the lights unmistakeable in the mist as they shot up and then stopped before shooting off into different directions entirely. He had to be mindful of the locations of his allies while two of the shots sought each other out and created a large explosion overhead that would likely force some of the mist out of the now broken windows from the force of his attack, meanwhile he had the throne encircled by three fast moving bullets while he concentrated on keeping a perimeter around the king. "Ya damn coward, and I hate the name of this stupid thing too!" {OO}

Nym10: =As soon as the mist starts to cover the entire main hallway of the King's palace, Aleyeana quickly grabs her Ram horn-esque looking ocarina and screams out for everyone to cover their ears before taking the deepest breathe she has ever taken in her life before blowing into the ocarina. As she does, she creates a sound soo loud she effectively creates a minituare sonic boom, forcing the mist away from her location and surronding enviroment for about 3 feet in all directions of her in an instant. Once she has a clear view of the field of combat.= "Requiem of the Battlefield Rose." =She says as she plays a hauntingly and heart-tearingly sad melody on her Ocarina as she gathers up alot of magical energy around her.=: ((Aleyeana plays a melody that she infuses the notes with magic. As she finishes playing the first stanza, seeds burst out of the ground and into the air and fall onto everything within a 20 yard radius around her. The seeds that land on an enemy, after 8 turns of CONTINUOUSLY and non-stop listening to the music and being in the radius, the seeds grow into a rose-like creature that consumes the attached persons blood, the only way to remove it is to remove the entire infected region or to shock the body with high electricity, the jolt will kill the plants roots but before it dies it numbs the opponent making them unaware of the bleeding unless they physically witness it. The seeds that are not attached to an enemy bloom as well after 8 turns of listening to the song, bloom into same rose-like creatures but instead of attacking the enemy instead serpentine across the ground in an attempt to try create a barrier around Aleyeana to form a make-shift defense for her while she plays the song.))

MoonPhoxx: Avalon let herself sink deeper into the castel another ripple of her magic passing through the crystal structure, "He is in the throne room, and he feels vile... He's towards ther upper wing moving this way." her voice issued from the crystals each of her team mates had, she reached her magic out letting it pool around the very throne ready to spring up into a protective bubble should it be needed, "One moment.... I'm going to light him up for you." again her magic reached and where ever this scum stepped the floor would glow brightly casting some lovely shadows for Rezz as well as giving the position of the creep away even if he was able to still hide in what mist stayed in the room., "I'm encasing the king... and please gods stop shooting the walls it stings like crazy...." her voice had taken on a soft almost dreamlike quality as even her body seemed to be now sinking slightly into the crystal of the building. The pool of magic that had flowed under the throne now erupted taking crystal with it encasing the throne and king in a clear bubble like structure yet it didn't encase Aleyeana, "Oliver, let me know when to drop my seeing spell so that I can fight with you, I'm looking for others now.." she herself was already working to drag down some of the crystal on the windows so that the mist would get sucked the rest of the way out, once that was done her body seemed to sink half way into the crystal as she started searching each and every nook and cranny of the castel flashes of rainbow hued eyes appearing in any crystal items as she hunted for any other intruders who could already be in the castel, "He's towards ther upper wing moving this way."

Guest_19eixnim: *minxie frowns as her position is looked over* thankyou ava~ *She stays near the king and covers her ears long enough for the vapour to get blown away, she aims her guns at the intuders when they come into view* water make pistol shot! *She pulls her two pointer fingers on the trigers starts to fire at them, each bullet traveling at the valosity of a normal pistol shot only make completely of water, if it should hit any of the three individuals depending on their body make or armour she will either have a water pullet penitrate the muscles or she would watch as her bullets simply splat onto the skin of the enamies. if they missed the bullets woudl fly by and hot the walls and floors with a splat as she would slow them down to a non leathal speed* ill make you pay for that!

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz was closer to the two newcommers to the scene as he somehow lost track of where he was going due to the deafening sound that Aleyeana created. Before he reached them Rezz created one of his shadpow puppets from a nearby shadow matching Rezz in every detail and had it leap out to intercept the dart headed for Ava, it struck the pupped dead in the chest and Rezz had the puppet go limp as it layed on the ground before the two assassins, presumably falling victim to the darts effects. While Rezz continued to sneak up on the pair from behind silently in his shadow form untill he was close enough to catch them both at once as he quietly rose from the floor. "Shadow god, howl!" Rezz was only about etn feet behind the two as he cast his spell and the dangerous cyclone of shadow magic bore down on the pair. If they were caught by this they would be severly sliced up from the the raw power of his breath attack at such close range along with any paintings or tapestries in its path as well. The shadow puppet would also fade when the breath attack rolled over it as its purpose would be done as well leaving the dart that was stuck in it lying on the floor.-

Nym10: REPOST: =Aleyeana continues to play this hauntingly beautiful song, as her body begins to dance across the battlefield rather beautifully and eloquently about subconsciously as she plays, magical energy flowing throughout her body and the violin.= ((post 3 of 8... need to post this so I can do my spell))

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