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rp group for jobs placed in Eldren
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GhostofSenyx: -It was early evening when Rezz had arrived in the city of Eldren where he was to meet his client about catching a jewel thief. According to the flyer hed meet his client in the jewel store that he owned so Rezz made his way to the store and waited for just before closing to go in so that he could speak with the client without being seen. If he was going to catch this thief he wanted to go unnoticed so the thief wouldnt be aware of his pressence so he wouldnt spook him off. The store was empty aside from the owner closing up his displays and securing all the cases and jewelry he had in stock. Rezz walked upto him and showed him the flyer that was posted in his left hand angling his arm in a way to show off his guildmark as well "Excuse me, I take it you were the one who posted the job about the jewel thief, could you give me more information than what you were able to have posted for this job?"

OgaTatsumi: As the owner was cleaning up the mess it was a short man about 4 foot even wearing a ridiculous suit as a young man enter the store.  The poster he placed up for someone to take was shoved in his face “Yes yes indeed I am. My name is Mr. Hacklebottom, I can’t give you much information on the thief except this person wears this black leather outfit with a biker helmet. The jewel they stole was a limited edition magical jewel for display only, if the thief was to come back for the other one they missed. They could sell both for millions of jewels, its worth that much.” The man replied as the tone in his voice was filled with much sorrow for it could destroy the business.

GhostofSenyx: "So he got one magic jewel of a matched set, so that means he'll most assuredly come back for the other. Im sorry this has caused you such distress but i assure you ill do all i can to catch him and get your missing jewel back, all i ask is that you let me remain in the store after you close up and leave for the evening. I can ambush him in here and force him to turn over the one he stole." Rezz walked over to one of the back displays and extended his arm toward the shadow and spoke a word "puppet" the shadow then began to rise from the ground and became a perfect copy of Rezz and then walked out of the store and down the street some before dipping into an alleyway do dissolve back into a shadow again. Rezz did this incase the theif was already casing the store and wanted to make it look that he had left and the only one inside again was the owner. Rezz turned back to the owner once more and continued talking to him "And with that the thief will think that you are the only one here again and when you leave the shop will be empty. So dont you worry anymore Mr. Hacklbottom, this will be resolved by morning"

OgaTatsumi: Hiding in the deep dark shadow there was someone or something already watching from afar as the wizard left “About time *smirked*” the soft sweet voice uttered. They easily sat crouched on the roof very low like a cat on all four of their paws. After watching the wizard leave and not a sound or person in sight was seen, the figured leapt quietly from the 8 story building. Once landing upon the stone pattern ground, no sound was made it remain silent. The figure before you is a very petite body build, with a busty chest and standing at 180 cm (5'11"), they isn't exactly short either. Their muscular and bust body isn't shown because it is covered by black outfit, so it just appears like they are incredibly “weak” which could possibly be a mistake to believe this but it could just make enemies think that they have advantage when it comes to strength. The petite figure is wearing is mainly black, but that could be a small factor. They could look like a shadow, if it weren't for the bright yellow helmet, though the figure somehow managed to move at almost untraceable speed to the building from a 10 yard radius. It was almost like teleportation. They stood in front of the glass door and quickly held their left palm out with a right balled fist ontop “Shadow-Make…Hand” the voice whispered as the shadow from within the building was created. It was the shadow the door made on the floor but it was turned into a hand to unlock the lock on the door, which allowed the villainous criminal to get in smooth and silent. Though they didn’t count anything out just yet, they remember the owner was still here and need to take them out. As the front door closed shut the shadow covered the entire doorway, no light was seen to cast the shape of the door. The cat like helmet wearing thief crept their way to the back where only the shadow of someone stood, assumingly it was the owner. “Got cha!” the voice of a female said as using the shadows to nab what seems to be a real thing. Except….”What the….?” The female uttered where she was confused it wasn’t real at all.

GhostofSenyx: -His decoy seemed to do its deception just as planned and gave the thief the false sense of him leaving so the thief could be lured out much easier, but this was almost too easy as the thief had made thier way in so quickly. Whoever this was they were very overconfident in themself to so brazenly sneak back in while the owner was still there even if he was 'alone'. Thats when Rezz heard it "gotcha" the voice came from the entranceway nto the main room where he and the owner stood and out from the shadows was a small figure dressed in all black with a bright yellow helmet, Rezz could feel the power this person weilded and knew they werent an ordinary theif but a wizard as well. This person matched the owners description of the thief perfectly and without hesitating or letting the intruder try to figure out what was going on Rezz went on the offensive. Half running half leaping at the thief Rezz struck with a powerful spinning back kick to their head knowing that if the blow landed the helmet would prevent serious injury but the force of the kick would send her back flying and have a decent chance of knocking her out. Whatever happened Rezz would make sure she wouldnt get away and get the location of the stolen jewel out of her before handing her over to the authorities-

OgaTatsumi: After noticing this was a fake and realized it was a trapped there was no point in looking behind for whoever had enter through the front had a nasty surprise. The shadow that fully covered the door was made out of her own power to catch those who passes it. In this case whether she knew she was being attacked right then or not the shadow automatically activated in which it was made out of 6 shadow arms stretching towards the victim at such speed. It would grab both legs of the person who passes the entrance door and slams them back into the floor. In this case, it would have caught the attacking wizard before he made a move in attacking. Though if the planned had failed then not at has been lost, the female would have turned around moment before the wizard had made his leaping motion. Or at least in time before he struck at her with a spinning kick which she would acrobatically leap back. In mid-leap she would perform multiple back-flips so easy with no effort into trying. This would definitely cause the young mage to miss her, this would also put her towards his right due to the angle and position she was in when he got in. Her back would been up against a glass case while mockingly and playing with her nails, pretending it was far too easy for her to dodge such an attack. “Tsk tsk” she wave one finger at the mage whether he was caught by her 6 shadow arms or not he would be somewhere not too far from her. And just when you thought she was where she was, in an instant she vanished yet again only to appear in a 3 seconds back to where she disappeared from with a jewel in her hand. Playfully she tossing the bright coral color jewel into the air as it falls back down into her hand. How she was able to move that fast in such little time? Couldn’t she had done this from the beginning? Or was she toying with her prey, possibly did she know all along? These questions was something she was assuming her so called “Predator” could be thinking or in her case a “dog” since the top of her helmet had cat ears.

GhostofSenyx: (wouldnt the doorway she covered in shadows be the front door she came in from and d be infront of that and her in the main room when she came in?)

OgaTatsumi: //Yeah the front door she came through.//

GhostofSenyx: (so its reaching past her to get to me then?)

OgaTatsumi: //The door was behind her, excuse me for not meniton her back was toward the front door lol but not sure where u came in from. But if you came in through the front door where she entered then thats when the shadows would have came ot get u. If you had entered though a different door then you fine i just had dodge the attack.//

GhostofSenyx: (im coning out from infront of her since i wouldnt be near the doorway, she was crreping along to where i and the storeowner were to catch him when she said gotcha right)

OgaTatsumi: //Well your good from the shadows then i just dodge your attack, however instead of the right of you, i'll be on your left. I assume you came in from behind so position is just off.//

GhostofSenyx: (fair enough)

GhostofSenyx: -Nimble, that would be the word to best describe this one, guessing from how her helmet has those cat ears on it she thinks herself to be feline in some way. His kicked missed but he knew he wouldnt have been able to end this with just a single blow so it didnt concern him much as her backflips left a better opertunity for him to strike anew.  Whilst fliping around like that would cause anyone vision to be distorted some and that gave Rezz the opening to vanish without her knowing where he went, diving into the shadows Rezz bolted across the floor under cover of the dark shadows cast about the room since it was so late in the evening there were pleanty of shadows for him to exploit and came up behind where she had stoped her tumbling and tried taunting him. He was going to wait for an instant for her to realize he had vanished but her sudden dissapearance and reapearance made him move a bit sooner and possibly for the better. Invoking his spell of shadow god arms he formed a large scythe made of shadows in his hands as he rose up from a nearby shadow behind her and swung out with the scythe. His swing wasnt to kill her but to trap her by pinning her to the display behind her. The blade of the scythe would be seemingly appear around the front of her neck from nowhere and come to rest ith the edge of the blade less than an inch from her throat and the flat of the blade pushing up on where her chin would be with the helmet so even if she couldnt see directly under her helmet she would know that its there poised to end her if she didnt surrender-

OgaTatsumi: As the female stood idling by near the glass display case taunting him for fun it was then the female sought the impossible. She was caught? The scythe the man held now was near the throat of her neck up to the chin, now that he ambushed her by pinning her to the display behind her. Indeed it would seem she has been caught and quite smart as well both hands were up against the wooden display while the mage was seeking a surrender. The female had not spoken for she isn’t known to speak except she did wish to say these words “You don’t know me? I am the Grim Reaper.” As she spoken distortedly through the helmet she was already discreetly forming a trail of shadows to move away from the case. Her magic abilities allows her to form shadows from herself or anything that cast shadows. In this case realizing he is a shadow user, it makes it even more fun but difficult but not too difficult. The trail of shadow that move along the floor to rise a foot behind him. A thick black arm was forming but also it made a weapon similar to his own a scythe, using it as a distraction she would have that shadow swing horizontally at the back of his neck. At the same time there was her own shadow she perform discreetly to move around her neck encasing it to protect her like armor, temporarily. But it was a way of escape, however this causes her to lose the jewel from her paws, as it rolled across the wooden floor far behind the wizard who had her captured for the brief moment if he did not had the thief pinned down.

GhostofSenyx: -He had her , but it wasnt over yet for the only reason she would try to tell him who she was was undoubtedly a means to either distract him or make him hesitate fighting someone who egotistically called themselves the grim reaper. Durring his years on and off the counsels army Rezz had fought against others who tried to use intimidating nicknames to try and gain some sort of mental upper hand. His mind worked quick though as his instints were much sharper than most he knew she was preping some sort of way to get him off her so she could recover what she stole or escape but since the sounds of the jewel made as it rolled away made the latter the better choice at the moment. It was then that her shadow scythe came down and struck Rezz in the back of his neck but unfortunately for her it didnt cause him any harm as his shadow god slayer magic was stronger than hers thus preventing other forms of shadow magic from hurting him, only the breif jerk forward from the impact of the weapon would be the only effect of the blow and though it caused him to lurch forward some his scythe was would jostle a little but still be at her throat, held fast in his grip. Thats when her eyes would probably widen at the sound coming from behind her would make, instead of a scream of pain the noisee would be like a sucking sound as Rezz ate her shadowy weapon and spoke to her using a little bit of intimidation himself "And I am the shadow god slayer of Ghost Smile, your shadow magic cant hurt me but mine can undoubtedly urt you. Give up now or lose your life little reaper, else you will be the one who gets their life reaped tonight" Rezz tugged on his scythe some so it was starting to cut into the shadow on her neck, not enough to cut through it to get to her neck but to emphasize his threat.- 

OgaTatsumi: As the plan was undoubtedly fail proof it turns out that it didn’t work at all, when the female believed she had the upper hand. It was in an instant she realized she was at the end, this so called “Hero” wasn’t human nor was any kind of wizard she ever seen. Even he announced himself what and who he was which he may not been able to see but her eyes widen underneath the dark helmet. Her mind spoke for her without speaking loudly “G-od…slayer?.....” her mind even utter the name in the surprised fact of what power he held. In the position she was in there was no escaping at this point. The tone in his voice as he demand her to give up or die, two simple demands but just when she had this man figured out. At first she didn’t think he would kill her, according to request of her capture they wanted her alive. But…but this man don’t seem to play the tone of those demands sounded very convincing but yet was it a chance she was really to test? The female thief did not answer him by words but merely dropped the jewel onto the floor which should signify her surrender. 

GhostofSenyx: -she made no sound but the feeling of dread she gave off was almost palpable once her brain had processed what he said. Once the jewel she had hit the ground he knew that she had given up, her skills were good but nowhere near a match for his own and she knew that now. Even though she had wordlessly surrendered Rezz was never the one to take the chance of having a prisoner escape from him or try any desperate moves for escape since the shop owner was still here Rezz didnt want to give her the chance of taking him hostage. As he lowered and dismissed his shadow scythe thats when his last blow came, a quick hard chop with hios hand to the base of her neck would undoubtedly nock her out cold until she could be handed over to the athorities and the location of the jewels she had previously stolen be given up once she was behind bars and in magical restraints so she couldnt bust out again. When she hit the floor and Rezz was sure she was out he took a look around and to his surprise there wasnt much damage to the store aside from the few jewels and other precious stones scattered about, "Hey Mr. Hacklebottom, ive got her out cold so you can come out of hiding now. once i get her to the athourities ill have them interrogate her for the location of where she stashed the jewels she got from you already so they can be returned" Rezz knealt down and hoisted the limp girl onto his shoulder so he could get this job wraped up and get his reward.-  

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